Last trip to St. George!

Well long story short I was supposed to go home on Wednesday but my trip was so fun and my dad is awesome so he extended my trip and I got I stay till today (Saturday). This trip had lots of laughs lots of cries and some great time with my friends! Here are picture enjoy! 💜

Hayley and I at temple square the next morning we went to my ex boyfriend Craig’s mission farewell and it was amazing he’s going to be an incredible missionary!

Then we got to baby sit Brax and Lyla when we got to stg they are so funny sharing a sprite! Love them!


Then I got missionary pictures taken and these are pictures me and hay took on our way to get my pictures taken!



It’s been a tradition sense I moved away to take flowers to our amazing great grandmas graves every time I go to St. George so we did that!


Then just some other pictures!!

Us at swig! Best place ever getting faded on dirty dp! (Dr pepper with coconut)
It was a good trip love you all!
❌⭕❌⭕Karly Ruth


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