First Email

Holy cow, today has been so crazy and probably the worst day so far, even though it is P-day (Preparation Day).  It was perfect and everything went fine until laundry, then I washed my clothes, mostly all together, besides my under-garments and dried them 2 times for like 38 minutes each and they are still soaking wet, which wasn’t fun, so now our room is a mess with my clothes laying everywhere, but we leave for the temple in like an hour so I am super excited for that, except I don’t get to wear my own temple dress.

 Sorry I’m not very good at talking in English or writing because I only hear German all day and try to talk it all day. But other than the whole laundry thing it is getting much better.  Now I can actually think about you guys without getting homesick, which is great!!!

 I got a package from Gram and them today with dried apples which I may have asked you to send me some in the letter I wrote this morning, but I don’t remember.

 I can now pray and bear my testimony in German alright, but not as good as I would hope. So yeah, you have a letter on the way again from this morning.  Good job, Dad, on taking your medicine! Mom, how often do you call Hayley for iPhone questions?  I wish I could look at my blog but the computers here are super protected and we can barely do anything on them.  I was gonna send pictures, but didn’t have enough time to wait in line for the ones with picture converter things.

 So a day usually starts off at 6:00 am; we wake up, study in classroom from 7:00 to 8:00, then have breakfast 8:30ish.  Go to gym… and DAD I RAN 3 WHOLE LAPS, but I kinda get what you mean about the whole ‘waiting after eating thing’ cause yesterday morning I almost threw up like 3 times.  Alles gut (all is good) tho cause I didn’t.  Gym is an hour long, then I go get ready for the day, then come back to classroom and study till 12ish, then lunch, then study till pretty much 5:00, then eat dinner, then come back to the classroom and study and teach an “investigator” aka ‘a teacher’ in German.  It’s usually really tough to understand what he’s saying and to even know what I’m saying but it is okay.  Then we study till 9:20 then go to the room and sleep at 10:30.

There are 40+ people going to Berlin the same time as us which is toll (cool in German).  On Sunday we have Music and the Spoken Word (a church program) via TV, then Relief Society (Women’s gathering) then study, then Sacrament Service, then Devotional.  We also have Devotional on Tuesday nights.

Sister Champenois is pretty cool.  She is really shy and quiet unless other people are around.  We have 4 girls in our room all going to Berlin.  We have 6 Elders (young male missionaries) in our district and us 4 sisters.  Which is super fun.  We all get along so well which probably isn’t the best because we have a hard time staying focused.   One Elder is from Brazil.  He is super cool and has an awesome accent.  There are 4 Elders in our branch (small congregation) from London who are all going to Germany as well.   I don’t remember which Mission though.  So our branch is half the people going to Germany then there is another German branch so the whole Sacrament Meeting is in German. Um, so yeah, it is going good.  Every time our district comes together we sing a hymn in German and pray in German which is fun.

Sorry this isn’t gonna be a super spiritual email because my head is running like 3000000 miles per hour.   But i miss you guys a lot and miss MY truck and MY iPhone!  Haha!  The food is alright; not amazing, but not horrible.  I need to stop eating so much though.

So here is the only funny/sad thing about me doing laundry today; so you know that super cute J Crew sweater with the bow, well I’m gonna be sending that home for you mom because i will have to save it for my children one day because it shrunk sooooo teeny tiny.   BTW if you want, I would love it if you could go back to J Crew and see if you could find me the same shirt because it was my favorite.  Um…oh yeah Dad, I have also been brushing my teeth 2-3 times per day!   I think I already told you that in the letter.  How is Grandpa doing? And what chores did you guys do while there?  

That’s all for now. 

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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