Zwei Email !! xoxo

German District Missionaries

Zwei Email !! xoxo (Letter #2)                                                                       February 19, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Well today is picture day!!!! 🙂

1. Our snowman from last P-day!  We made it with our district.

2. Our District, outside the temple last P-day!

3. My roommates in front of the temple on Sunday!  Me, Sister Champenois, Sister Degraw, & Sister Piene

Okay! So I was sick this last week with a cold from about Wednesday to Sunday, but now I’m all better and now Sister Piene got sick, so I feel super bad!

This week was amazing and incredible, I had to make a list of all the things to write about, so first is:  In class one day we decided to watch some conference talks to keep us awake, and we watched the one where President Monson [President of the Church] announced the age change for missionaries… the room filled with this burning feeling and we all got the chills and right when he announced it, we all just started crying. We are so thankful for that amazing age change decision, it’s incredible.

Next is:  We all love President Utchdorf [Second Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church], so then we watched one of his talks, because obviously he’s GERMAN!!!! and I started crying because he reminds me of Dad, of course!  So yeah, I looked like a dumm kopf (dumb head in German).

Word of the week is “Wonkey”.  We have about 5 British elders in our branch and they said to another elder… “Your tie tack is a bit wonkey”, because it was sideways, so now we say that ALL the time but it’s very fun to say!

On last Tuesday, in a devotional, the speaker told a story about when he was a young child. He was at church and his mother was talking to a return missionary, and he (the little boy) just kept complaining about how hungry he was, and his mother just wanted to keep talking to the missionary and he said that the second he looked at the face of the missionary he looked into his eyes and saw a familiar expression… he saw Christ in that missionary’s eyes. It was so amazing. I hope to be like that when I get home!

Sorry for my typing, I have a lot to share and not enough time…

Next is:  Oh Dad, we had big ooey gooey messy burgers the other day, but since I’m a missionary now, I had to eat it without being messy. It was no fun at all!  Oh, and we have like half size fresh maple bars EVERY MORNING, it is horrible and great at the same exact time!

I’ve seen Amanda Mitchell [a friend from Dammeron Valley], only I don’t have pictures, she does. Also, I saw Mccoy Willey from school and Riley Funk from school, so it’s been fun to see people.

German word of the week is Manchmal, it means sometimes.  Elder Bendixen tries to fit it into everything…About half the time we can’t tell what our teacher is saying because he is always speaking German, and the other day the teacher asked “have you ever made any mistakes?” and Elder Bendixen didn’t understand what he said and replied “manchmal ich spuren den Heiligen Geist” which is “sometimes I feel the Holy Ghost.”  It was HILLARIOUS, we were all seriously on the floor laughing; it was wunderbar. (wonderful)

LISSA AND EVERYONE ELSE: Yesterday we were at breakfast and I was saying the prayer in German and all the sudden I hear someone doing ‘cups’ from the movie Pitch Perfect and singing it…  I hurried to finish the prayer so I could hear it, but the second I said “amen” she stopped.  I was so upset, but I’m sure it sounded aca-awesome.

OK: Our sacrament meeting is so amazing, we do absolutely everything in German, and I mean I love singing hymns as it is, but singing hymns in German is even better. It is AMAZING.  I would just like to finish with one last story, then my testimony in English, which will be the first time I have said my testimony in English in about a week and a half!  btw [by the way] – tomorrow is 2 weeks!!!!!!!!

On Sunday was the largest selection of missionaries in the MTC, which was amazing.

K-so the story is… So there was this elder in Honduras and he was from Honduras but was serving in a different area than where he lived, but he was serving and met another teenage guy who was preparing to serve a mission where this kid was from. I don’t know if this makes sense but it would be as if I were to go to Germany and a sister from Germany were to go to Colorado…(that type of thing) and before the teenage elder left he had met with the missionary a couple times, and they told stories about their families. Both their families were converts. The elder’s great grandma was the only one who wasn’t now a member, and the teenage guy’s father was the only one who wasn’t a member, but they had both taken tons of lessons but never wanted to get baptized.  Right before the teenage boy left to go on his mission, the elder told him “I will baptize your father “and he said “good luck.” So, he started teaching him and wasn’t having much success but the elder was staying in contact with this new teenage elder. The teenage elder said, “I’m in your town, and I will baptize your grandmother”, and the elder said “good luck.”  She had also had many lessons and never was super interested. Later on, the elder wrote the teenage elder and said, “Funny story, I just baptized your father.”  The teenage elder said, “I also have a funny story, I just committed your grandmother to be baptized next week.”  I really hope this makes sense because it was amazing, but if not, I’m sorry.

Well my time is up.  Testimony next week – sorry!

xoxoxoxox sister ahrenholtz


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