A few pictures to start off:

1- My name tag so you can see it up close. I feel so weird at night not wearing it.  It’s the best thing in the world to have my name on the same thing as our Savior’s name!

2- Us Sisters at the temple, like a week ago.  I think I forgot to send it last week!

Anyway!!!! So yeah, I LOVE IT HERE!  Everything is so great all the time.

Ok, so throughout the week I make a list of what to tell in the email, so here it goes…

To the start off my list, I’ll start it off with people I’ve seen this week…  I saw Elder Brad Hauck on Sunday, who Kaitlyn and I were pretty good friends with most middle school and high school. Then yesterday, I saw Elder Hayden Smith [he attended the same congregation as we did in DammeronValley], which was super cool.  He said he’s really enjoying it.  I’m gonna try and find them both this week and take a picture with them to have and send.

But yeah!!   My German is getting much, much better.  It’s incredible.  I’m starting to feel the blessings of the gift of tongues already!!! (And seeing it not just in my life, but those in my district as well.)

Last Tuesday, we had Elder Ballard [An Apostle of the Church] talk to us at a devotional.  It was safe to say it was amazing and incredible.  There is nothing more amazing than 3,000+ missionaries, singing “Called to Serve” and see a general authority walking onto the stand!!  As he left, we all stood as he walked out and he waved, so 3,000+ missionaries were waving back to him.  We all were standing and NO ONE would sit down because the Spirit was so strong, we all just stood there for like 5 minutes after he left because we knew the second people started to leave that Spirit would be gone.  It was the most incredible feeling in the world!

I had a goal to have the [Joseph Smith’s] first vision memorized by the 6th (tomorrow) – SINCE IT’S  MY ONE MONTH MARK HERE AT THE MTC!   I had it down by Saturday last week in German.  It feels so amazing to have such a big accomplishment finished.  So I have that and ‘the purpose’ in German, down and memorized.  Now, all I have left before the departure is D&C section 4 [see below], which I haven’t started yet!  haha oops 🙂 but at least I got the other things accomplished.

So my German teachers are like super awesome and amazing and so good at German.  One of the teachers is Brother Devonas.  He is so dedicated at speaking only German in our classroom to us. So, whenever he feels like he needs to speak English, he steps out of the classroom to speak English, it’s super hilarious, but awesome.  We aren’t quite so good at speaking only German, but we are getting there!

Sister Piene, one of our roommates/Sister in our district was having anxiety the other day, which was not helping her focus, and she was just having a fairly hard time, so she asked for a Priesthood blessing from our Elders in our district, who are truly like our best friends/ brothers.  It was incredible.  It’s so nice having Elders that are able and worthy to administer these things all of the time. There is nothing better than seeing an Elder administer and use his Priesthood.

There was a Sister helping us on Saturday during class.  It was so awesome.  She grew up in Germany and served a mission at Temple Square, German and English speaking.  She has lived here for a year now and is married and has a baby on the way.  She was so adorable and good at speaking German, it was awesome. Her husband served in Germany, so they both want to raise their kid speaking German and English. SO STINKING COOL!  I want my family to know German now.  It’s such a cool language.

On Sunday, since it was Fast Sunday, we had mission conference here.  All the people in the Mission Presidency talked to us, it was super cool.  They had 1 Sister and 1 Elder that are learning sign language bear their testimonies via signing.  It was SO AWESOME and the Spirit was so strong!!  I’ve been thinking about what I want to do when I get home and I’ve been thinking… one of my teachers knows like 3 languages and it made me realize i think it would be super cool to major in the “gift of tongues” aka learn like English (obviously) German,  Italian and French.  These are what I really want to learn.  And also being the new Coordinating Sister made me realize I really love it so much, I love helping people emotionally and spiritually and just talking to people.  Sister DeGraw and I were walking and talking in our residence the other day for like 2 hours and it’s so fun to do that.

Also, all of us Sisters in our zone/branch; 1/2 of the Sisters going to Germany, pretty much 19 of us, we say a big group prayer each night and I started a thing since my calling, where we have one girl each night bring pictures and share a bit about their personal pre-missionary lives.  It is super fun and we are all enjoying it very much.  Mom and Dad, would you mind sending me a letter of the things you remember from my blessing when I was getting set apart?  Danke 🙂

K, so now I have this thing whenever someone is talking to me and I’m writing what they are saying down, I automatically write V for W’s cause that’s their sounds in German.

Anyway, my time is up, but I know this Church is true and Heavenly Father answers our prayers in many ways.  I pray for all of you night and day that He will help you and direct your life in the way it should go, according to Him.  The gift of tongues is real, and I can’t wait to put my gifts to use in TWO WEEKS IN GERMANY!!!!!! Yay!!!!!  K, sorry I’m so excited.  I know that Christ died for our sins and our pain, so that we can be forgiven of our sins and we can know he has gone through the pains we have.  Also, Ich sage diese dingen in namen Jesu Christi. Amen. (I say amen now how it’s supposed to he said ah-men. and ah-ren-holtz) I’m a real German now 🙂

xoxoxoxoxo sister ahrenholtz


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