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District Photo


1- The best day ever: Itinerary, post card from Zach Jaramillo, letters from Mom, Grandma and Hayz

2- Our last temple walk this is our district; and we struggle with getting good pictures, obviously!

This is so crazy. I’m so happy the time is finally here. In one week from today I take off for Europe.

So here is the plan for next Tuesday: We have to be at the travel office at 5 am then on the bus to the airport by 5:15 🙂 I have been assigned to be travel leader so I have to make sure 31 people going to Berlin all make it to Berlin and on the plane, so yeah, it’ll be quite interesting! The itinerary is on the 19th, we leave Salt Lake City at 8:43 and land in Houston at 12:45.  We leave Houston at 4:40 and arrive in Amsterdam at 7:45 their time on the 20th.  We leave Amsterdam at 9:55am and arrive in Berlin at 11:15am 🙂 So yeah there it is. I’m VERY, VERY excited.

k so now about this week 🙂 on Wednesday, the new missionaries arrive and on Wednesday morning Sister Piene got a package from her family with bubbles in it and we stood outside welcoming the new missionaries with bubbles. It was super fun and made everyone really happy. It was like incredible how happy bubbles could make someone.

Then, I saw my first hyacinth blooming the other day and I’m sure you could only imagine how excited I was. I was seriously jumping for joy. Last week when we went to the temple and walked outside I could see the violets were coming up and I got so excited I got down on my knees and touched them and rubbed my hand in the dirt because it feels like so long ago I did hard outside work. Let’s just say I might be missing the nursery and plants and dirt a lot. Oops, haha, but that’s just how i am 🙂

Okay, so at dinner the other day, people were playing the cups thing again only not singing and this time it wasn’t in the middle of a prayer. They left and then 2 “English” Elders (from the UK) started playing the likee song thing [no idea what she is trying to say here]. One is going to Germany in my branch, so Sister Degraw and I went and sat by them and as they played it, we both sang. For like 15 minutes, we did this. It was so super fun, now we do it all the time 🙂 I love it!

Dad, we keep talking about patience in class. It’s quite annoying knowing that I don’t have any what so ever, but it’s okay because I’m working on it. Go on Mormon Messages and watch the ‘Patience’ video. It’s super good, we watched it in class the other day!

So this is super weird… I was thinking about it the other day, the last time I bore my testimony, prayed and sang a song in English was probably my fist day here! Super weird that it has been that long, but it has and I love it. There is nothing more beautiful and fun then singing hymns ALL the time in German!! It invites the Spirit so much!

K mom, I think I’ve gotten 3 letters from you now that say THE EXACT SAME THING, like I’m not even kidding. I’m 100 percent serious, it’s crazy. Tell me about other stuff! Also, I hope that package you are sending me with the stuff I asked for in a letter is on its way here, because I don’t have much time left! Also, everyone make sure if you mail anything that it will be here by the Monday 18th, because that night will be my last time getting mail here. If you want to send it straight to Germany, go ahead! [address below]

So, since being the new coordinating sister, I started this sharing thing when we say prayers each night, as sisters in our branch, and it is super fun. I pick someone each night to share about themselves so we all get to know each other more on a personal level, than just on a missionary level. I love it. Also, in our district, we have started a new thing where we pass around a paper each day with someone’s name on it and write positive things about them and how they are doing and give it to them at the end of the day. Super fun and good, as well.

Well, I’m going to bear my testimony in German but I’ve never had to write it, so I will probably spell lots of words wrong 🙂 oh well 🙂 Ich weiss das jesus christus ist mein erlo(umlout)loser une mein eedetter. und da su(umlout)hnopfer ist from er fur uns. ich weiss dass das buch mormon ist wahr und that then heiligen geist ist ein wunderdarest gefult. und ich weiss die kirche jesu chrisi der heiligen der letzen tage is wahr kirche in dem werlt. und user himmlisher vater antworten unser gebet und durch den heiligen geist geben uns den geist und ich zer begister das meine familie hast ewige leben. ich sage diese dingen in namen jesu christ amen.

(I know that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and Savior, and the Atonement is from Him for us. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the Holy Ghost is the most wonderful feeling. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of this world and Heavenly Father answers our prayers through the Holy Ghost. I’m excited that my family can have eternal life. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen)

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo next email from Deutschland !

Sister Ahrenholtz

Karly’s address in Germany:

Sister Karly Ahrenholtz


Zerbster Strasse 42

12209 Berlin



One thought on “LAST EMAIL IN AMERICA!!

  1. Karly, as i watched this video you posted on “Patience”… brings tears to my eyes. I pray for a friend every day that she may be healthy again. Free from pain, suffering, etc. BUT, there is a PLAN. A plan that includes us suffering, being in pain, being depressed, sad, lonely. All things Jesus suffered for US. I know that through patience and through Christ, she can be healed…….no matter the outcome….it is part of THE PLAN. i love you Karly and i am SO very blessed to read these communications you write for us. Thank you for you service and example.
    Jamie McNary

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