We Do Work In Dresden!

Dunkin Donuts in Berlin
Dunkin Donuts in Berlin

Well, I am in Dresden and loving it so much.  It’s such a beautiful place and everything is so good here, plus I mean the bread and yogurt and chocolate is incredible!!!!!!! My trainer’s name is Sister Tidwell.  She is super amazing and awesome, she has 2 transfers left (aka 12 weeks) SHE’S FROM ST GEORGE. She went to Tuacahn High School and knows all the people I know who went there, SO cool!  This world is so small, yet so big at the same time.

Sister Tidwell is cool and we have many things to do this transfer such as open a new city, [near Dresden] Pirna.  I think I don’t know how to spell it 🙂 not too surprising though, right?  Okay, but yeah, we have that, which will be awesome and she just got asked to be the sister Zone Leader for Dresden Zone because there are so many sisters coming in!

Also, we have tons of stuff going on, like little things here and there, and I’ve told her that since these are her last few months on a mission that we are going to do work!  Like hard work every day, so she can leave on a strong note, which I’m super excited for, as weird as that is! Haha

Okay, so Mondays are normally our P days (preparation days) but I’m sure if you check the blog you will know why yesterday wasn’t, because ALL the sisters in our mission went to Berlin to have interviews with 2 people from the Quorum of the Seventy, which was really cool to meet all the sisters and see all of the ones from the MTC, and how their first week is going.

Okay, so now I’ll start my long list of stuff I wrote down to tell you all about.  The flight was really cool and long. The flight to Amsterdam was cool, because I knew some of the Dutch words because of The Best Two Years (a cute Mormon movie). The first 2 days in Germany were spent in Berlin.  Right when we got here, they picked us up from the airport and took us to a church to go through money stuff and get our missionary cards and also to do paper work and have an interview with President Kosak.  Then we went “finding” for our first time, which is where we walk streets and talk to people and hand out cards with numbers and the church address on it.  That’s pretty much it.  On Friday, our first full day in Dresden we had service from 12-3 in the Tafel, which is like DI [Deseret Industries, the Mormon version of Goodwill] with the elders.  We bagged like – cookie type things covered in chocolate and they let us take a bag and it’s so bad because they are soooooooooooooo amazingly good.  The food here is incredible, like seriously sandwiches or bread for every meal, yes please!!!!!!  So Sonntag (Sunday), was quite interesting.  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but here in Dresden, people speak Sessisch? idk how to spell it but it’s like German, only totally different.  Saturday, we all went to KFC.


So Sunday,  we had church and after church a sister came up to us and was like, “let’s go to my house for dinner and she thought our appointment with her was this week but it is really next week,  but  she had it all prepared already, so we had to.  So we had that meal and another one later with ONE HOUR IN BETWEEN and Germans make us eat a lot!  You can imagine we were sick and full but it was so good we had goulash at both places but both different kinds of goulash, so good, like oh my goodness and yeah that was quite a task but we did it because in Dresden– WE GO TO WORK!

Yesterday we had to catch the train to Berlin at 6 am, so we didn’t have breakfast.  We didn’t have time to eat till about 3 when we were on our way home, so we got Burger King which was really good, way better than America, like how Burger King used to be.  Then, we wanted Dunkin Donuts [see attached photo] for the train ride, so got 3 for each of us sisters, so a dozen.   Then we had an hour and a half until our train left and saw an ice cream shop, so wanted ice cream.  Like seriously, could we eat any more food in a 2 hour period?   NOPE, I DONT THINK SO, but I’m happy we got the ice cream because it was INCREDIBLE!!!

Oh, and I was about 3 feet from a pigeon and I didn’t even freak out, well I did on the inside, but not on the outside.  🙂

So, we have 8 missionaries in our district/ward which is fun, and one senior couple, they are realllllly awesome.  They are from Lehi, Utah and have been here about 2 weeks and made us lunch the other day it was delicious! They are in charge of the singles group here.  There is no Singles Ward, but they have institute [a religion class] and such, so Sister Tidwell and I are planning on working with them a lot to help their singles group get bigger and more active!

Also, let people know to please email me for reals.  It won’t take time away from emailing you now, so give out my email and also ask them to send me letters. Keep ‘em coming, I love letters.


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