Me Again!!!

My freezing red face after riding bikes.
My freezing red face after riding bikes.
Beautiful Pirna
Beautiful Pirna
Pirna, Germany
Pirna, Germany

So our week has been crazy and next week will be also, so that’s why we are taking the email writing part of our p-day today! So this last week we had p-day on Tuesday and after writing you we went to a museum which was cool. We tried to make the best of it.  Tuesday night we taught a lesson about how Christ mends our hearts.  The lesson was really good.

Wednesday was INCREDIBLE.  We went to the town of Pirna, which is what we thought was going to be a small town but it was very large and beautiful.  It is the town Sister Tidwell and I are opening up [teaching there for the first time] so we went there with 2 of the Elders.  The bikes they brought for us had flat tires so we dropped them off at a bike shop that was closed for a few hours and went out on the streets ‘finding’.  It was really good, plus the town is beautiful so that made it like 100 times better.  In 2 hours of finding we had given out 3 Books of Mormon and taught 3 quick lessons and got 1 return invite to teach a lesson for Tuesday this next week.  The story about the lady who we got the return lesson with is: We were walking the streets and we saw this lady maybe 24ish walking and she was listening to her headphones and I asked Sister Tidwell if we should stop her or not because she had head phones.  Sister Tidwell said probably not unless the Spirit tells you to.  So we just kept walking but by the time we were about to pass her I stopped her and started talking, but of course she didn’t hear me because she had her head phones on.  So she took them out and we talked to her and she seemed quite interested talking about the church then the Book of Mormon.  I asked if she wanted one and she said yes and then we explained it to her and asked if she wanted to know more and she said yes.  You can imagine at this time I was seriously jumping for joy because I was so excited.  We got her info and set a time to meet her and left.  After she walked away Sister Tidwell and I were so excited – like jumping around giving high fives just freaking out – it was pretty much awesome!  So after placing one more Book of Mormon we had some lunch then went into a big huge church to get warm.  It was pretty and we just kinda chilled for a while then got a Berliner [a Bismark donut] and a donut and our bikes and started biking around Pirna, which was…….great.  My body was killing me – we were biking so hard and we were so tired.

Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference which was fun because it took all day but it was good to see people.  The Mission President’s Assistants told us all that we need to start risking the awkward on busses and just all the time; as you can imagine I just started laughing because I mean absolutely everything is awkward for me. Seriously, so to me, being a Missionary is risking our awkwardness 24/7, but it is okay.

Our schedules are so busy.  I would have never thought.

HAPPY OSTERN [Easter] EVERYONE!  Tomorrow we have church and an eating appointment with the senior missionaries in our district, then have a lesson tomorrow night.  Someone who I haven’t met yet so it will be cool.  Monday is also an Easter holiday here, so we have an all-day appointment with a family, pretty much 12:00-17:00ish.  Then we are just going to relax and have p-day things after that.

Tuesday we are going back to Pirna.  I am so excited, I know we will have a lot of success there so it’ll be cool and to teach our lesson.

Mittwoch [Wednesday] we have district meeting\finding\lunch which will be super fun then teaching a German class that night which will be interestingJ

Donnerstag [Thursday] we have a Stellung which is a street display so I’m gonna pray for good weather for sure.  But it’ll be really cool – I’m excited.   Then we have a lesson that night with a couple who have an adorable 3 year old daughter.

Friday we have service and a meeting as a district with the ward mission leader and then right after that we have another lesson to teach.  We are going to a Chinese restaurant which will be quite interesting.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Devin on the 5th.  I sent you a card but I have no clue when it’ll make it there!!  Then on Saturday and Sunday is General Conference only we don’t even get to watch the first session on Saturday till 18:00 because of the time change.  On Sunday we will watch the 2nd and 3rd sessions then the next Sunday we will watch the 4th session at Church. I’m watching them in English so I get everything out of them plus it is fun to hear the voices of the Apostles.

Well, have a good week everyone.  Love you all and stay strong so the Lord will bless you.

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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