MISSION GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! (For this transfer period…)

The Dresden Foursome
The Dresden Foursome

Freiberg Temple
Freiberg Temple

So, Sister T and I set a goal for this transfer that we would successfully go a day without tights (nylons) and we did it!! Yesterday it was finally beautiful outside and no cold weather so we did and it was AWESOME!

Anywho, haha, so this week we got to go to the temple [in Freiberg – about 30 miles from Dresden] on Tuesday.  It was really, really cool to hear everything in German.  The temple is very beautiful!

Then Thursday we went to Pirna again and had all the missionaries go.  We all went to Pirna and WENT TO WORK. We had a lot of success and got 6 appointments for this week.  So we normally go to Pirna one day a week, now we are going 2 days this week, and that’s just for lessons, not even for finding or anything! So it’s really cool! I know Pirna will be great once we introduce the work there.  Many of people in Pirna don’t know what Mormons are or what we believe in. In Pirna, we were doing street contacting and I went up to a guy maybe 19 ageish and started talking to him, and he said “sorry I don’t speak English” and I was so confused because I had just said “Buch of Mormon”, and I was thinking, “shoot did I just say that in English?” but nope, I was speaking German so Sister A started talking in her perfect ‘German’ to him, and it was all better.  We got an appointment.  It was pretty hilarious, and we were just laughing about that the rest of the day!

In Pirna they are planting plants for spring, so being who I am, I got really sad that I couldn’t help plant them. I just walked up to the people planting and said ‘thank you’.  They look beautiful. (This time it was in German though) haha 🙂 and took a kajillion pictures and rubbed my hands in some dirt – then I was happy 🙂

Samstag [Saturday], I got to go on a lesson with Sister A.  We taught an older lady who has been an inactive member for a while.  We taught her about how Christ is our light.  It was an amazing lesson.  The Spirit was really strong and we did it as an object lesson and lit a candle when we talked about Christ’s ministry then blew it out when he died then we lit it when he was resurrected and talked about how Christ is our light.  And yeah, the Spirit was so strong, plus she gave us muffins and tea which made the lesson like 500 times better 🙂

Sunday WAS AMAZING. K, I guess that might be an understatement.  It was truly a day from heaven.  We had church for the first two hours and we listened to the Sunday afternoon session of conference.  Then had Sacrament Meeting, which was testimonies, which was great.  Then after church one of the Elders’ investigators got baptized.  It was incredible. He speaks English and Chinese so the whole thing was in English.  There is a Sister there that served in Taiwan, so she was translating it into Chinese for him, which was cool.  There were 2 talks and a musical number where this Sister sang a hymn in Chinese, and the SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!  It was the first time I’ve cried on my mission! (I swear that when I prayed to not cry during my farewell talk that it stuck with me because I can’t cry.  It’s weird.)  Anyway, so then he got baptized, it was amazing and beautiful.  His face when he walked out of the water was awesome.   I’ve never seen someone so happy.  Then while they changed, Sister B played the piano then he came in and bore his testimony.  He was going to do it in Chinese and be translated then he decided he would do it in English and the second he said I know this church is true, Sister T and I started crying.  It was the best thing ever, he is such an amazing person and has so much love. We went to talk to him after and he said how he has never felt so peaceful and carefree about the things of the world.  He was just so touched about how much we all care for him. It was fantastic!

Then that ended and we had an eating appointment with NO FISH!  It was incredible, haha.  So we had that with a family, which was super fun.  They have 5 kids at home still and they are all so musically talented.  They sang for us and played the piano and guitar and violin, it was great. So after that we came home and called the Elders and talked to them about how there is a FHE [Family Home Evening] tonight and said they should invite the new member.  So of course, he has no phone, so all us Sisters went over to his house and took him a candy bar, a card and a journal.  He was so happy we were there and we told him to write down his experiences in the journal, and he said, “Can I write about my experience today at my baptism?”  And we were like, duh, yes of course you can and he just started talking about how it was the best moment of his life and stuff. It’s just incredible and so great to see someone become a member, then Sonntag [Sunday] he gets the gift of the Holy Ghost. Which will be great also!

How is everyone? haha sorry I have been going off on my work here, but I hope all is well and everyone is staying healthy.

I know that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is true and I know that through this church, and what we know is true, we can come closer to Christ and be able to return to live with Him.   I know that baptism and/or repentance is a tough thing, but I have seen through others’ lives, along with myself, that we can be forgiven and be able to know for ourselves that we are forgiven and that there is hope and happiness on this earth, and that through these things we can have our families together forever.   I know that you can receive many blessings though this church and that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.   I’ve seen answers throughout my whole life and I know that when we pray that we can come closer to Christ and try to become more like Him. I’m almost finished reading the Book of Mormon over again and I would like to challenge you all to start it over again with me, only I’ll be reading it in German :/ whether you are or aren’t a member or active in the church, get a copy or read it on your smart phone and first read the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction, then start it and read it all the way though with me.  Feel free to email me or write me about your experiences and I know that if you pray about it, you will also know that it is true, and that it is another testimony of Jesus Christ. Being a member of this church is the best thing I have ever been given or blessed with!

Have a good week.  Love you and miss you all 🙂 I’ll send some pics in a minute 🙂
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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