Sister Tenney's Birthday Cake
Sister Tenney’s Birthday Cake
Dresden Sisters
Dresden Sisters


Mom and Dad, I’m excited you had a good time in St. George, what all did you get to do? Are tulips and trees blooming there yet? I miss you all so so much. Hope that you are doing good!! And staying busy. I’m doing fantastic just trying to stay as busy as possible!  It’s getting really beautiful here right now, it’s perfect weather. This morning Sister T and I both said at the same time we feel like we are at Disneyland cause that’s what the weather feels like.

TRANSFER CALLS ARE ON SAMSTAG [Saturday] – which is so crazy – which means I will know if I stay here or where I go and who my companion will be and all those fun things.  I don’t think I will stay in Dresden, but I don’t know!! I guess we will see… you will all know on Monday in my next email! Then we actually transfer on Tuesday – so yeah! I can’t believe my first transfer in Germany is done and gone!!! So awesome!

So last P-Day we went to the Singles Ward’s FHE [Family Home Evening] at the church and it was so awesome! It was the best day of my mission so far!  So we had emails that day then dropped Sister A off at the bahnhof [train station] because she had to go to Berlin, then we were in a drit [threesome companionship], we went home and changed and went to the Großer Garten [Big Gardens] with the Elders and played soccer and frisbee and climbed on this huge jungle gym thing, then we went home and took a quick 20 minute power nap and called 3 investigators/inactive members and invited them to FHE.  So we went there and they were ALL there.  That never happens.  We had a BBQ and played games and ate and talked and there were normally like 7ish people there, but last week there was like 20ish – it was so awesome and so much fun! Then we went home and made a fort with our blankets and cut up some apples and us three watched a church movie in our fort and fell asleep – it was the awesomest thing ever!!!

The trees are so beautiful – everything is blooming.  It is fantastic.  I’m so obsessed with plants; its horrible ha-ha. Not a lot has happened this week – I’m sorry that this week hasn’t been very cool or no truly amazing stories. But it was definitely a needed week and successful. I’m just so happy to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and to be a Missionary!!! The English Book of Mormon is finished and I’m starting my German one now so everyone get ready to read lots in the Book of Mormon – it’ll be fantastic because I know it’s the word of God and it can change your life!

I didn’t have to eat any fish this week or anything crazy like that which is good.  Yesterday’s dinner was delicious 🙂 we had potatoes and veggies and meat and salad and dessert ha-ha 🙂 story of my life 🙂 on Mittwoch [Wednesday] we got to celebrate Sister Tenny’s [one of the senior Missionaries] birthday with her.  We had cake at district meeting then went to their house in the afternoon.  The picture attached here it the sign the Elders made for her.  They were writing in danglish (deutch and English mixed) birthtag hahahahaha.  Sister T made the delicious cake we took to their house later on.  It’s like a 5x dark chocolate cake which was surprisingly delicious – like super delicious.

I have been getting your letters.  I’ve figured out they take like 5-8 days and I don’t know about packages yet.  Mom you sent that one a long time ago to the mission home so I won’t get it till our next zone conference which will be in like2 weeks-ish.  Everyone probably shouldn’t write hand-written letters till Wednesday next week cause I’ll probably be transferred, so they don’t come here because then I wouldn’t be able to get them, so don’t send letters till I give you a new address for wherever I go next 🙂

I love you all so much and love this church with all my heart and I know it can bless our lives and change us for the better if we pray and ask for help.

Have a good week xoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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