Masterpiece Birthday Cake
Masterpiece Birthday Cake
Undercover Missionaries
Undercover Missionaries
Old Town Dresden
Old Town Dresden

It starts today.  It’s so crazy that we are already finished with our first transfer here in Germany.  The time is flying for me and I hope it is for you all too!! So the most exciting news you have been waiting for is…..I’M STAYING IN DRESDEN!! Yaayyy!  Sister T will no longer be my companion, unfortunately.  She will be staying in Dresden still; though she will be companions with Sister Warnke. She is from Germany and ”dies” the same time as Sister T, meaning they both have 6 weeks till their missions end and they go home. My new companion is SISTER DEGRAW!!!! She was in the MTC with me in my district! I’m super super excited to stay here in Dresden and to have Sister D as a companion.  It’ll be amazing.  We will work so hard together and see so much success, I know that. So you can still mail to the same address as before, which is at the bottom of this email.  Danke schön! 🙂

Anyway, so about the last week:  On last Wednesday [Mittwoch] we had District meeting which is a meeting for all of us missionaries here in Dresden. We took District pictures, which were really cool, of course Sister T came up with the idea because she is so creative.  I’ll send a picture of it.  It is pictures of us missionaries holding a picture of us in our previous life ha-ha. Then after District meeting we had District finding, so we all went finding together. Sister B and I went together.  She came to Germany the same time as me, and it was so much fun.  We just taught what we knew and had no clue what the people were saying to us. It was awesome; however we gave a guy a whole lesson in German, then he tells us he can speak English and we were like shoooot; is that why you were laughing at our horrible German and he said “pretty much”, then we continued talking in English and it was great! ha-ha.  After that we got back together with the other Sisters and went to the Dresden Bridge, which is the thing I’ve been wanting to see since I’ve been here.  I’ll also send pictures of that, it was beautiful. Oh, and I always forget to say, so we Sisters love to match clothes.  It makes the day like 5 times better and when we match with the Elders it makes the days like 10 times better so we did that for district pictures also and it’s so fun. ha-ha THEN after we went to the bridge Sister T had to go somewhere with Sister A and we needed to get stuff from the store because Elder S’s birthday was on Sunday (yesterday – same day as Lissa) 🙂 and so Sister B and I were asked to go on an adventure to the ….. Are you ready for this??? AMERICAN STORE!! It was the best place of all time.  They had Dr. Pepper and Reeses and cake mix and peanut butter and OREOS and all the amazing things Germans don’t eat.  Yup, I got a Dr. Pepper and it was like the best feeling ever! But then the lady was talking to us in English, which made it like 10 times better because she had no accent  because she’s from America. It was pretty much just amazing, so we got cake mix and frosting and stuff for his cake because Sister T was making him a 3-layer cake with one ice cream layer. So that was pretty much the best thing of all time.

Anywho; nachste haltestelle DONNERSTAG (nachste haltestelle is what they say on all the busses and trains and straßenbauns for next stop is….) so Donnerstag [Thursday] Sister T had a meeting in Berlin with Sister W, so I got to go to Chemnitz and Taush (cities) with Sister W’s companion! It was really fun and we did an austellung (street display) and we were right next to the J DUBS (Jehovah’s Witnesses). It was pretty great, haha so that day was really cool to just be in a different city, but sure made me miss Dresden!

Then on FREITAG we were asked to have an activity with the junge damen (young women) and to go to Großer Garten and Find some people and just to give them a taste of what missionary work is like.  It was really really fun and I wish they would have done those kind of things when I was in Young Women’s because they barely ever talked about Sister Missionaries, which I hope they are changing now because EVERYONE SHOULD SERVE A MISSION! It’s the best time ever!

So nachste haltestelle ist SAMSTAG. We had a lesson with a really cute family that we meet with once a week. They have a daughter.  The family is having a very hard time right now and it was very sad and she was just saying how she has no friends here in Germany and she is trying to get work and things like this, so we are trying to help them.  The best thing she said is that their daughter who is 3 loves the Sister Missionaries and she says to her mom everyday ”mom when do I get to be a missionary?” It’s pretty much the best thing ever.  Samstag nacht we had an appointment with a new member, then we had a meal at KFC with him.  Then Sister T and I taught all the missionaries the cup thing from Pitch Perfect, only not the song.  And we were all sitting there at a huge table doing it.  It was pretty much awesome we did that for about 10 minutes then left for the apartment.

SONNTAG was great we had so many inactives/investigators at church, it was incredible.  There was not 1 place for anyone to sit in the chapel, it was that packed, which as a missionary is the best sight ever. And an even better sight is that no missionaries were sitting together because we all had someone we have been teaching to sit by. 🙂 So we purposely made it so we had no eating appointment yesterday so we could work on Elder S’s master piece cake, which was fun.  Sister T made it and I was the assigned photographer of every process. It was quite interesting! haha so I’ll attach pictures of the cake also!

I’m so thankful to be here on a mission and to be serving our Heavenly Father and building up the church of His Son! It’s definitely the best way I could ever spend these months of my life and I know now that it will fly by.  This last transfer has gone by like the snap of a finger and I know this transfer will go even faster because I understand German more and will be working with Sister Degraw and I’m so excited because I know we will go to work!! She gets here at 12 tomorrow, so I’m super excited! Have a good week everyone and always remember the beautiful things in this world come from Heavenly Father.  Take time to look at the trees and flowers (we all know I do). 🙂

xoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz

PS:  You asked how the German was coming along…yeah we get by…it is kinda fun when we don’t understand what they are saying.  We are learning to read people; if they smile they are happy; if they have their German face on we are in trouble cause that can mean many things!!! 



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