Hallo Meine Familie

Well today we are having a sports P day so it feels very weird to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt while emailing you. The weather this last week has been kinda cold but yesterday and today are beautiful. Which is why we are playing soccer and such for our activity with the elders! The week has been great.

So on Tuesday we picked up our new companions and Sister T’s new companion’s name is Sister W.  She is really cool and a German but she is half Swiss and they lived on the border so her Ward was actually in Switzerland, which is super cool! Sister D and I are great together.  She’s so cool and we are getting along very well.  Of course it’s hard to switch companions, but it’s great. We are just doing A LOT OF FINDING.  We only have about 2 investigators right now but we are getting more.  We have at least 1 appointment every day this week which is really great.  She is really cool and about 90-ish, I think.  She isn’t really wanting to come to church cause it’s far from her house but she loves having us over and the Spirit is so strong, which is really great.  We are just trying to get her reading her Book of Mormon and such.

On Thursday we went to Pirna and we were finding all day which was tiring but great.  We talked to many people and got an appointment with a lady.  She just loved how we talked to her about her 18 month old baby and she was just so surprised that we cared and listened.  It was great. We have an appointment with her this week so we are praying that that’ll pull through. She showed us pictures of her daughter and everything.  She was super nice.

Then Saturday was kind of a hard day because we were just upset that we aren’t as busy as some of the other missionaries but then we remembered we can’t compare ourselves, and that there is a reason it is the way it is so after a pick me up talk Sister Degraw and I went to the university and went finding which was really great and is now our favorite place.  We talked to a lot of people.  One guy was German but he lived in Iowa for a few years and also Utah which was really cool and so did his parents.  He isn’t a member but he wants to read about the church on the website which was great and find stuff out and then call us which was a miracle and he spoke English!

Then we found another guy who is Chinese and he was very interested.  We made an appointment for this Saturday with him which was very good. We also just said we are having a class tomorrow at church in Chinese so we would love it if he could come and he said he would and was very excited then he texted us on Saturday night and said he couldn’t make it to church but that he is very excited for our appointment on Saturday and wants to learn more so that’ll be really cool.  We are looking forward to that. He was a miracle for us to see how much help we can get when we pray for something. This transfer we all have a goal of making a Chinese branch [congregation] because we are teaching so many out of all us missionaries so we are working toward to do it. Oh, on Monday last week we had Family Home Evening with the single adults and we were sitting down with like 3 Chinese members and everyone thought if we took a picture of this, no one would guess we were serving in Germany which was really funny, but so true.

Yesterday at church was great, the new Chinese member passed the Sacrament for the first time and it made all of us tear up.  It was like the best thing to see, I mean besides his baptism of course! But it was great!  So we are just trying to notice the miracles we receive every day and write them down so we never forget.  It is great and we are noticing so much and just keep pushing forward.

I hope everyone’s week is going great.  Never forget that everything great comes from God. Which is one of the best things for me to always remember. I’m so happy to be on a mission and to serve here in Germany where we can see miracles every day and touch people’s lives.  Most don’t even believe in these things and it is great to see their hearts change. Last night I was reading in True to the Faith [a book] and it was great.  I felt the Spirit so strong, just lying in my bed reading.  I felt so much peace. It was incredible. I just want to share my testimony that I know Christ lived and died for us in order for us to be here today and also in order for us to return to live in His presence. I know that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and that he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the sacred grove and that they spoke to him. I have no doubt about it.  God loves every single one of us and sent us here to learn and grow in order for us to return to Him. I KNOW that this is the only true church that practices all that Christ did when He was here on the earth and that alone shows that it’s the true church along with the story of Joseph Smith and many other points of the church. I’m so thankful to wake up every morning knowing it will be a great day and that I’m in the hands of the Lord.  This is the most greatest gift I have ever been given to serve as a missionary for Christ and for His church and to stand as a witness to all people and to wear this name badge every single day and represent true happiness, love and joy for all that Christ has done for me.

I love you all so very much and am so grateful for everything you do and the support I have from all of you to be here on a mission. Have a wonderful week and always remember when you pray to our Heavenly Father and close in the name of his son Jesus Christ, He will listen and answer your prayers.

xoxoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz

PS:  Next Monday for P day we are going hiking, so we will not be in Dresden.  We will be in the Sächsische Schweiz [the Switzerland of Saxony – a mountainous area] or something like that.  Dad, now you can stalk me so you know where I am at all times – haha.

xoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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