Sisters in the rain
Sisters in the rain

Well we got to talk yesterday, which was great.  I’m so happy we got to Skype!  And I didn’t even cry, which was probably the best part!  Just a little teary eyed, but I know that the next few months till December will flyyy by!

Mom, I hope you had a good Mother’s Day and got to have a good meal with Dev, Mel, Hay, Dad and Goose of course! 🙂

So this last week a couple who are members (she’s American and he is Danish) made a meal for us sisters and she sang and played on the guitar.  She sang Take Me Home Country Roads, which was interesting but I didn’t cry, it just made me sad, but it’s okay because it was really cool!

Saturday we had a great day.  We had a great lesson with a Chinese guy who we found last week on Saturday.  Our Chinese member taught with us, so that was really cool cause they could speak in Chinese together and that lesson went great.  The Spirit was really there and he is very interested in learning more about our church.  He is coming to Family Home Evening tonight and we have an appointment on Sunday with him again!

Also on Saturday we went finding at the university and found 2 people and made 2 return appointments. They were really cool.  The first guy was Alexander and we had an appointment with him last night which rocked.  We gave him a tour of the church which he really enjoyed and he said that the church is very peaceful.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon and said he wants to read that first and pray about it and then he will meet with us, which is really cool.  We told him that he could call us if he ever wanted to feel the peace inside the church or if he ever has a hard day or anything, which he really enjoyed.  It was cool!

We also have another appointment today at church after we go hiking.  It is with someone we met at the college on Saturday.  His brother is actually a member in Frankfurt and he is from Africa! Which is really cool!

It has been a great week.  This transfer we were asked to write down at the end of the day on a calendar: when we followed a prompting of the Spirit or a time when we didn’t give into temptation and when we have miracles.  It’s really cool to think about the day and focus about when we have seen those things.  Because we truly have miracles every day!

I have a few questions:  Dad, I was wondering if you would write me a letter telling me about your conversion and then also is Matt Mitchell home yet?

Well, I love you guys super much and hope everyone has a great week!

xoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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