Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Elbe River
Elbe River
Field of flowers (or weeds)
Field of flowers (or weeds)
Switzerland of Saxony
Switzerland of Saxony
Switzerland of Saxony 2
Switzerland of Saxony 2

I love you all and miss you super much.  I’m just doing great.  The time is flying by! It’s all going super great and we are staying so busy here in Germany!  Just so you all know, last Monday we went to Sächsische Schweiz [Switzerland of Saxony] and is was BEAUTIFUL.  It was a very hard hike with a lot of stairs, but it was really good and at the top the beautiful scenery was very rewarding! I’ll attach some pictures from that trip [above].  It was so great!!  Then after the hike we came home and got ready because we have to start doing missionary work at 6 pm on P-days. 

One of the coolest stories we had this week was such a miracle.  Dresden missionaries were asked to split up the area per missionary because it’s so huge and we need to make sure we try and cover all of our area which was really hard to do before.  So Sister D and I were trying to decide where to go finding one day and so we pulled out a map and were trying to decide where to start and we both pointed to the same street.  So then we went there and did doors [knocked on doors] for about 4 hours and at the very last house we klingled [rang] a lady and she let us in and we went up to her apartment door and asked her if she had heard of the Book of Mormon and she left for a second and we were like, great, she’s getting a gun or something crazy – we are gonna die – ha-ha! Then she walked back with a Book of Mormon and said it was given to her about 5 years ago in Berlin and she has read it completely through and wants to meet with us, so we made out an appointment with her which is next week because this week she is going to Berlin.  TALK ABOUT A MIRACLE, RIGHT?  Then we walked outside super excited – like we were both just jumping and spinning in circles and after talking with Sister D for a minute we figured out right when we opened the map we both said a prayer in our hearts and pointed to the same street.  So I would like to remind you all right now that prayers are answered.  Mine are answered every single day.  It is crazy how much God just wants to help us as much as possible and when we go through hard times like ‘dooring’ for 4 hours, the answer will soon come after a trial of our faith.  I promise you that He really loves when we pray to Him and He is waiting for us to ask for things even though He knows we need them.  When we ask, it shows our faith that we put in Him.  

So then we had zone training meeting/interviews with President Kosak and that was super cool.  It was a lot of fun.  Sisters T and W taught a lesson on motivation and ways to stay motivated and it was an amazing lesson – exactly what I needed and that was also an answer to my prayers because I’ve been super tired from finding and it helps a lot to be reminded of the successes that come when we push through trials.

Then on Saturday we had Pfhal [Stake or regional] Conference which was amazing.  The Missionaries in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz zones were all there and we sang [Karly is behind the girl wearing the red sweater].  It was so good and the Spirit was so strong when we sang I almost wanted to ask someone to record it.  It was so awesome.  So we sang ‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’ in English and then sang ‘Ich Weiss das Mein Erlöser Lebt’ [I Know that My Redeemer Lives] which was BEAUTIFUL then sang ‘Called to Serve’, first in English and then everyone had the German version memorized so we sang that.  It was so perfect and cool!

So one thing I’ve realized is how far my German has come!  I can totally carry on a conversation and pretty much understand most things people say to me.  It’s incredible. It’s been just blowing my mind the last couple days – THE GIFT OF TOUNGES IS SO REAL.  It’s incredible.  One thing that is funny is at Pfhal Conference people were coming up to me and talking to me and sometimes my name tag was covered with my hair or something and they asked who I was and I said “Ich bin Sister Ahrenholtz” WITH THE STONGEST GERMAN ACCENT EVER!  It’s so cool and sounds 100 times better like that, and then they asked if I was from Germany just because I said my name like a German would 🙂 🙂 so now and forever I will say our name like a German! Ah I love Germany and love being a missionary and love the German language 🙂  

BTW there is nothing better than seeing people’s lives change and hearts touched by the gospel. 

BTW here in Germany, June is the month for member missionary work so carry that over in America for me please 🙂 If you aren’t a member maybe just try going to church once or reading the introduction section of the Book of Mormon or call the missionaries up and get taught even if you aren’t currently an active member.  Missionaries love to meet with anyone.  It’s sometimes more important than meeting with an investigator because everyone needs to be built up so they can go unto Zion! I’m so thankful to be serving our Heavenly Father and to be a representative for the Church J.  There is nothing better then have a perfectly planned day full of lessons and finding while wearing my name right above our Saviors.  No matter where I am or what I’m wearing I will always have my name tag.


Alles gut [All is well].  Tschüss [Bye]

xoxoxoxxoxoxo  Sister Ahrenholtz


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