A day for rainbrellas!
A day for rainbrellas!
Dancing in the rain!
Dancing in the rain!
A Chinese Book of Mormon
A Chinese Book of Mormon
At the Freiberg Temple
At the Freiberg Temple

Well, it feels like I just barely emailed you but it was been 6 whole days already. Not a whole lot has happened this week, just working hard like normal! This week we were finding at the university again, which always seems to have lots of success.

We found an Asian couple and gave them a Chinese Book of Mormon, which was good. They were going to come to church yesterday but she was sick because it’s super cold and rainy here all of the sudden. Yeah, remember those boots and tights I put away? Well they are out again! yayyy!! Haha! Nah, it’s good though because I’ve realized I really love rain and getting rain boots was probably the best idea I had because it’s so nice being able to walk in puddles and not having to worry! 🙂

Anywho, so I think I told you about the temple last week, but yeah, we went to the temple. That was great. It is always such a cool experience to hear it in different languages!

We had a termin [scheduled appointment] with an investigator this last week which went really good. He is from somewhere in Africa and that went really well. He has so much belief about God and Jesus Christ it’s incredible. And he knows that when he reads the Book of Mormon he will know it’s true and he wants to read but is super busy with school so we asked him if he will just read at least a verse every day because it’s such a great blessing! So I know he will read.

On Saturday we had an appointment with a member who seems to fall out quite often, but we are still trying to work with him. We called that morning to remind him that we were coming by and then went there and while going there we were like 5 minutes late and some guy was staring at our names tags so Sister D started talking to him while I went to try and catch the door to the member’s apartment building. She made an appointment with this guy and I guess he has talked to Sisters on the street before. Then we went upstairs and the member wasn’t there, so I think that was an amazing miracle and blessing in disguise.

So this last week, one night we were all sitting in the house maybe at 10:00 or so, a little before lights out, and Sister Tidwell decided we would break open glow sticks in the house and turn the lights off and then we turned on some music and it was so peaceful. It was weird, but to me the Spirit was so strong. And I have never felt so chilled and relaxed probably in my life. It was incredible!

I’m so happy to be on a mission and to be serving this incredible church. It will definitely be a blessing, and time I will never forget! Germany is so beautiful and the rain is great! I just love rain so much! Wel,l I don’t really have much more to say. I hope you are all doing great and I pray for you all and thank you for your prayers! Have a good week and always remember why we are here!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo sister Ahrenholtz


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