Well hello meine Familie.  Wie gehts? [How are

Teaching aid picture.
Teaching aid picture.

Well hello meine Familie.  Wie gehts? [How are things?] Well this week was great.  I mean we had rain EVERY SINGLE DAY – it was……Fantastic! Thank goodness I got those rain boots before I came here.  Well, this week we had an austellung [display] in Pirna.  All of the elders were there helping us and it rained the WHOLE time.  It was fantastic.  We talked to everyone that walked by and it was interesting.  We were in the place we were told to be which is kind of right outside a bank and the bank people thought we didn’t have permission so they came out and were looking at us and went back in and we saw them on the phone about 10 minutes later cops came to check and we were fine.  It was just great, it was so hilarious!! 

So that was fantastic, then Wednesday we had German class and there were about 7 Chinese girls there.  It was so cool.  It was good.  It’s fun teaching German.  Sister D is the one who teaches it mostly and I just help, which is good cause I don’t know some of the stuff she teaches so I getta learn too:)  We had a great lesson with one of our investigators on Thursday.  He is the one from somewhere in Africa, a really small town, but we had a meal with a member family and it was really good because he got to meet both of them, so he can know members are cool and normal people too.  Our lesson was great but however our lesson went a little overtime and when I looked at my watch and it was 9:30 pm and all of the sudden I got sick and could no longer speak.  It was terrible, then we finally got home at like 10 and I felt so horrible.  We did our daily planning and then I went right to sleep because I felt so bad for being late it was probably the scariest part of my mission so far.  It freaked me out.

Anyway, our other investigator has been sick and is getting surgery on Wednesday but he finally felt good enough to have us come over to his house to see how he was doing and teach him.  It was a great lesson and the Spirit was so strong and he’s so cool.  We got to teach him about Joseph Smith and that was fantastic because he’s always asked why our church was different.  So we talked about the Priesthood, Book of Mormon and the Widerherstellung, which means ‘Restoration’. He really enjoyed it and we opened the Joseph Smith history video on his computer in Chinese for him to watch so I’m sure he watched it.  I should probably text him and see what he thought.  

Anyway ha-ha so for language study one day Sister T pulled out this huge-normous book randomly and guess what it was….. KIDS German songs.  So like ‘mein hut er hat drei ecken’ [My hat it has three corners…] – it was so cool.  I have the drei chinesean song memorized now too.  It was a fantastic day of language study.  I’ll try to remember them so I can sing them to you all at Christmas on Skype 🙂

So Sister T  and Sister W are getting ready to go home.  They leave for Berlin on Friday for a meeting and are staying there to see a little of Berlin because Sister T never served in Berlin, before but their flights leave on the 12th, so I think that’s a Wednesday.  Yeah, it’s so crazy this transfer has one week left.  It freaks me out, but so awesome.  It flew by.  We have transfer calls on Saturday so next Monday you will know what’s happening.  I’m pretty sure I’ll stay in Dresden – like 80 percent sure haha. It is so weird to think my ‘mission mom’ is leaving me.  Ever since I’ve been in Germany it’s been with her so when she’s gone it’ll be interesting and it doesn’t help the fact that she’s going to St George.  It is so fun when she talks about what she’s going to do when she’s home cause I know all the places she’s talking about! It will be cool.

This week has been great and this last week of this transfer Sister D and I are just going to go to work so hard. Tomorrow we are having an Asian day.  We have an appointment with a new family we found while doing doors.  They just moved here from Korea and when we said we could bring them a Book of Mormon in Korean the two daughters were seriously screaming and jumping for joy they were so excited.  So we have that tomorrow at 13:00 then at 15:00 we have another appointment with a Chinese couple which is in English and German so that’s always fun.  Then at 17:00 we have an eating appointment with a member family.  She served a Chinese speaking mission, so she is coming as a joint teacher with us to teach at 19:00 so that’ll be great.  We are so excited – I’m deciding that I think we should dress like Chinese people! 🙂 and look like them. That would be fun 🙂

The Elders have a baptism on Sunday which will be great. I’m so happy to be on a mission and serving the Lord.

Oh, PS I just heard Dresden is supposed to flood! Yes I’m so excited 🙂 That’ll be exciting haha I guess we will see – maybe we will just get to do service work for the next week.  Who knows?  I guess we will see how it goes.

I hope all is good at home.  I miss you all so much and pray for you always.  I hope you can all help with missionary work wherever you’re living this month while it’s June – the month for inviting and if you aren’t a member maybe contact missionaries and meet with them.  This gospel blesses my life so much every day and I’m so lucky to be a member of this world wide church and to share the gospel all over Germany, whether they are German, American, Chinese, Russian, French, Korean – EVERYONE needs the gospel in their lives.

I love you guys.    xoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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