My new companion – Sister Rasmussen

Train to Leipzig
Train to Leipzig
In the freezer room at a Cabela's type store.
In the freezer room at a Cabela’s type store.
New companion!
New companion!

Well this week was just great. As you all know I have a new companion.  She is Sister Rasmussen and she is just great.  She is from Sandy, Utah and SHE WEARS HAIR BOWS LIKE ME. It’s just the best thing ever. She’s so awesome.  We get along so well and it’s just fantastic.

So how is Colorado? I’m so jealous that you all are there having so much fun rafting and all those great things. 

So this week I’ll just tell you how it went. So Tuesday was transfers, so we got two new Elders and they are great.  Elder Stoddard and Elder Davis.  So now all of our district is from Utah except Sister Degraw and she feels so left out.  

Anyway on Tuesday, Sister Degraw and I found a lady on the street.  She is visiting for like a day.  She is from Africa and she was so happy we talked to her about God and Jesus and she loves them and cares about them so much.  Anyway we had an appointment with her for the next day but she wasn’t able to make it so we referred the missionaries in Africa to her, which is just great, and she will be able to meet with them there.

Our Chinese investigator, is doing just great.  He is progressing so much.  He came to church yesterday and that was really nice.  He enjoyed it a lot.

Then on Thursday Sister Degraw and I went to Berlin to get our new companions.  We had a little training at first and then we had a hug line with all the new missionaries.  Then we had our new companions assigned to us.  Of course the last 2 Sisters announced were sister Degraw’s and my companion, which was great.  So we went and sat behind them and they had no clue.  We just chilled there until President Kosak finally said “Sister Helzer, your companion will be Sister Degraw” and then I went and sat next to Sister Rasmussen and I said “Hey, I’m your new companion!” before President announced that and it was great.  We were both super happy.  She’s so great.  Then we went finding at the University on her first night.  She is so willing to talk to EVERYONE; on the bus, on the street, and anyway, it’s just great.  She’s so awesome we are going to have many miracles this transfer.  The whole time in Berlin, President just came up to us and said we were such a dream team together and that we would do a lot of good work together.

Church yesterday was great also.  Sister Rasmussen understands a lot of German.  She took 6 years of it in school so she was fast-tracked at the MTC, so she was only there for 12 days!  So crazy, but awesome.

This week was just great. Sorry I’m kinda scatter brained.  Elder Stephens keeps talking to me then I can’t think what I’m supposed to be saying but one thing or tangent I wanted to go off on this email was: have you noticed that most of my emails are normal then all the sudden I just go off on one thing that is just unbelievable?

It is so crazy to me how close you become on a mission to all the people you serve with.  It is so weird but they really become my family.  I used to have pictures of family by my desk but I’ve replaced those with pics of who I serve with now and have served with.  I got an email from Sister Tidwell and she is just great and I know we will be good friends forever.  It is just so cool.  Like all of the Elders I serve with are so great and you become so close to them.  It’s fantastic.  They are truly some of my best friends and it is also so cool seeing how well you can connect with people as missionaries, even other missionaries.  I told Sister Rasmussen that you slowly start talking like the Elders you serve with and doing little things that they do cause you are with them all the time or talking to them.  It is just so cool that we will all be good friends forever, I’m sure.  It is truly such a blessing to me.  They are so great and we all get along so well even though we are all so different.  It’s so awesome I don’t even know.  I just feel so blessed to have all of these people in my life.  Members, missionaries and investigators.  It is so great to think I have a family here and at home.  I’m just so lucky!

Well I miss you all and love you so much.  I know there are so many good people and good influences in the world.  Find them and be friends with them cause it can truly bless your life!

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


PS:  Last P-day we were able to go to this awesome store here called Globe Trotter.  It is like Cabela’s only for hiking and camping and things and they had a canoeing pool, a freezer room to test jackets, a rock climbing place and a rain room to show how water proof jackets are.  It was GREAT.  It was pretty much like a mini Disneyland for missionaries.  We spent hours in there.  It was so much fun.


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