Frauenkirche inside

Groser Garten
Groser Garten
Groser Garten Sunset
Groser Garten Sunset

Hallo! I’m going to try and be patient today and tell you things in order but I don’t know how well that’ll work but it’s worth a try.  So last Monday we went to the Frauenkirche (main Lutheran church) after emails and that was great.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Seriously it was great.  Then Sister R and I went to FHE [family home evening] at night and played Frisbee with some members.  That was just great and so much fun. 

We went to Pirna this week.  The town was pretty much destroyed from the floods.  Every store in Pirna had about 4 feet of water.  Every store was closed.  It broke my heart to see a town that I loved so much, ruined.  But it’ll get back on its feet.  While finding there, we found someone.  Her name is Anne Marie and she is 12 years old.  We have an appointment with her tomorrow.  I’m so excited to teach her more!  Sister R and I finally found our golden areas – the places to find that we have the most success, like the Großer Garten and also an area in town called Albertplatz.  We have been having a lot of success there plus Großer Garten is super close to home so we have been running there in the mornings and riding bikes there.  It has been pretty great actually and it is just so beautiful so that helps also.  Anyway… patience… that’s what I’m supposed to have.

Our Chinese investigator is doing great.  We taught him the Word of Wisdom [health code] this week and the law of chastity [no sex outside of marriage] and he had no problems, which was good.  He was supposed to get baptized on the 30th of June but he is finally getting surgery on the 28th so we had to push his baptism date back a week cause he will be having stiches and we just think it might be a little risky, however; NOW HE WILL BE GETTING BAPTISED ON MY BIRTHDAY!  Talk about the best birthday present of ALL time.  I’m so excited.  He’s just so great, in case any of you didn’t know that yet, ha-ha! 

Thursday we had zone conference in Leipzig and we learned so much.  The Spirit was definitely there.  THE WEATHER WAS SO HOT. Zone conference was great.  It’s always fun when we can see so many missionaries.  And we are now allowed to wear sandals whenever it’s over 20 degrees Celsius [70 degrees F] so that’ll just be SO GREAT.  I’m so excited for that!

So the BEST DAY WAS SATURDAY.  We had a lesson at Noon, which went great.  Then Sister Rasmussen and I went home had a quick lunch and language study and went finding from 2:00 to 9:00 and it was GREAT. We started at Albertplatz and we had 3 Books of Mormon with us and we said we were going to try and give at least 2 away so we went finding and talking to EVERYONE within the first 10 minutes we gave 2 Books of Mormon away, then in 5 minutes the other one, so in the first hour we had no more Books of Mormon on us, however we had a lot of cards so we just talked to everyone and found some people who were interested and then we left there at about six and had found 7 people. MIRACLE!!! Normally we are lucky if we find one.  Then we went to Großer Garten and went finding and found 7 more it was so awesome and just unbelievable.  It was great.  Like so many miracles, plus we were surrounded by beautiful Germany so that helped us be so happy too.  I can’t even explain how happy we were.  So at about 8:30 we went to a place where there was no one in Großer Garten and said a prayer together as a companionship for the many miracles and blessings we had.  And we prayed for each person we met by name and that was so cool.  So 15 mosquito bites later we were walking and ran into the other Sisters.  It was about 8:45 so we decided to do a quick companion exchange, so Sister H and I went finding together and there was no one outside.  So we stood there and all the sudden we saw people moving through a bunch of trees and just started running and running.  Then finally we got to a big open field and they were on the other side of the field so my advice to Sister Helzer was to run but make it look like you’re just walking.  So we ran and just got to them and started talking and naturlich [naturally] they were a Chinese family and we talked to them.  The mom believes in God but the dad doesn’t, but he wants to.  It was so cool.  They were fantastic.  The mom has breast cancer but at the end of the time talking to them they asked for our number and of course we gave it to them because we give it to everyone!!  And it was so cool.  Once we said good bye we looked at the time and it was 9:00 and everyone always says how miracles come when you work to the last minute.  It was great.   You best believe I went home after all that and we called the Elders and told them our stories and I just spun in my desk chair laughing so happy for about 20 minutes.  Then Sister H, Sister R and I sat in the window seat with the window open and yelled “We will change Germany”.  It was so great.  It was an unreal day and really made me realize how lucky we are to have miracles.

Anyway on a spiritual note, I came across a scripture yesterday.  It is Alma 29:9 and I just think it’s so cool. [I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.] We are truly instruments in the hands of God and I know that all these miracles that happened this week didn’t come from me or anything that I did but these people were prepared and it was all God’s doing – why we had so much success.  It was just fantastic! 🙂 I’m so thankful to be on a mission and see all of the blessings it brings to us. I love this church so much.  It is my life and always will be.  I love it with all my heart and know it can touch all of your hearts too 🙂

Have a good week. Don’t get any mosquito bites!

xoxoxo  Sister Ahrenholtz


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