Time flies by…

Just call us 'fishers of men'!
Just call us ‘fishers of men’!

Guten Morgen meine liebe familie.

This week was just great we had a lot to do and didn’t even have to do too much finding surprisingly.  So to start off, Monday night last week we had Family Home Evening with the single adults and our Chinese investigator.  We watched ‘17 miracles’ [a movie about the Pioneers] however it went very long so we had to leave early.  He said that he liked it and its cool how hard they had to work for what they believed in. He is doing great.  He had surgery on Friday and so we actually had to push his baptism date back another week because he is still not able to walk and we haven’t had time to talk to him specifically about his baptism due to only being able to meet in the hospital. We got to go finding in Pirna this week.  The town is slowly getting put back together after all the flooding.

There is a lady here who is an inactive member, who I have pretty much been teaching since I’ve been on my mission – we had an appointment with her on Wednesday night.  She was having a really hard time.  Her family has a lot of trials and she is from Albania, so being an Auslander [foreigner] and not speaking perfect German, it is really hard for her. She actually came to the sport und spiel tag [sport and game day] on Samstag [Saturday].  She got to talk to a lot of members and make a lot of friends and really realized there are good people everywhere.   Her 3 year old daughter loves the Sisters and it was so much fun playing with her.  She’s just so adorable. Sport and spiel was great.  Tons of members were there and WE DIDNT HAVE TO WEAR SKIRTS.  That is always nice.

Then on Thursday we had our first austellung [sidewalk display] of this transfer.  We are going to start doing them every Thursday, which will be great.  It is so hard to find people but so much fun because it really just makes you so excited when you actually find someone. Then we got to go to institute [Scripture study class] on Thursday.  We talked about eternal marriage.  The Tenneys taught the lesson so it was just great.  Before their mission Elder Tenney was a Bishop in a BYU singles ward, so he is really good with these kind of things.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This week I was sitting at my desk before study and a song came on the CD and it talks about a missionary going home and I almost threw up.  It was making me sick to think how fast it has flown by so far and that it’ll go even faster and I’m almost 1/3 the way done.  I SWEAR IT’S A JOKE HOW FAST TIME GOES.  I promise it seems like I just got here.

So yesterday we had time to finally watch the mission leadership broadcast.  IT WAS SO GOOD other than that it was in German.  That made me kinda sad cause I really had to focus to understand all of it.  But during one of the videos the one where the missionaries open their call letter and get set apart then go to the MTC, Sister Rasmussen and I just started crying and Bishops family was sitting in front of us and all his kids turned around and looked at us.  It was great.  No wonder they invited all the missionaries over tonight for an eating appointment.  PITTY DINNER!!  Just kidding…but no, it was so great. 

I love being a missionary.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and to be able to share this with people IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE!

Have an AMAZING week everyone.  I love you all so much!!!      

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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