Birthday Celebration!

Konigstein Castle
Konigstein Castle

So this week was great and I took lots of pictures but something is wrong and my camera won’t upload any of my pictures.  Sorry 😦

Anyway, thank you everyone for the happy birthday wishes.  It was a great birthday!!! 

This week was good but I guess I’ll start with my birthday cause I’m sure you are curious.  So on Saturday I did a tausch [missionary exchange – where two companionships change partners for a day or two] in Chemnitz.  Then we came back to Dresden around 8:00 pm and they said there was something at the Tenneys’ [the senior missionary couple]  which, let’s be for real, I’m too smart to believe them, so we went to the Tenneys’ and all the missionaries were there and we had cake.  Then on Sunday we woke up and it being fast Sunday [skip morning and noon meal] I didn’t get breakfast in bed, but it was okay.  So when I got up and went to my desk it was all covered and decorated all super cute with pretty little desserts and super cute thank you cards I wanted from TK Max (the German TJ Maxx) and Sister R got those for me along with getting me floral print hot pad things.  I was with her when she bought these.  Maybe I should take that as a sign that I need to pay better attention, whatever 🙂 haha!  But it was really cute and I took lots of pics but my camera is being dumb so I guess you will see them when I send my camera card home.  They picked some cute flowers for me from outside 🙂 then we went to church, and you know me, I don’t make a big deal about my birthday, so like no one knew, and that was great. haha.  We had Sacrament meeting and one of the Chinese members sat by me.  That was a great birthday present.  He just rocks and then I told him I was going to bear my testimony [on Fast Sundays, members are invited to come up and bear their testimony] and he kept asking when I was going to get up the guts and go up so I finally did.  I bore my testimony JUST LIKE YOU DID, DAD, and of course since today [July 9th] is the 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF WHEN YOU WERE BAPTIZED, I made sure to mention that and just how incredibly lucky I feel to be a member and be born into the church! I just talked about how 25 years ago my father made this huge change in his life and today I’m on a mission bringing people to this same huge step in their life.  It was just incredible.  The Spirit was so strong and I feel so blessed because of this huge commitment I made!  So I finally bore my testimony then after a few more testimonies, Bishop stood up to close the meeting and said “Since today is Sister Ahrenholtz’ birthday we will all sing the closing hymn loud in her behalf.” and THE WHOLE WARD LOOKED AT ME.  It was so intimidating!  Seriously, I covered my face but it was good.  Then after church we had an eating appointment with a member.  Her house was so beautiful.  Just thought I would add that I think the whole time we were there, we Sisters kept saying how beautiful it was and cutely decorated it was.  Then we did some finding and went home for abend brot [evening bread] and the Sisters made us food before their appointment and cake.  It was great.  They just kept surprising me all day long.  It was a perfect birthday.  Then, Sister R and I were about to go out finding and one of our investigators, called asking where we were.  Saying that we made an appointment for that night, but we didn’t and so she said that she was all prepared for us, so of course we had to go over there and had another eating termin [dinner appointment].  We ate just a piece of bread because we were so full, but it was great.  It was truly a great birthday!  

I’m so thankful to spend this time in Germany and with such great members and companions and other missionaries. They all spoiled me.  That was pretty much it for my birthday.

So I mentioned that I did a tausch [exchange].  So Friday night to Saturday night I went to Chemnitz for a night and the Sisters in Chemnitz have a car.  I got to ride in a car for 1 hour in Germany!  It was amazing and so beautiful and I never felt so peaceful and so relaxed on my mission.  It was so cool.  BTW, the tausch was great and we had a lot of JOY.  I got to meet some really cool people and experience being in a 2 sister house for a day [in Dresden there are 4 Sister Missionaries in an apartment].  It was so weird since I haven’t been in that situation ever. 

Oh BTW, last P-day we went to Königstein, which is an old castle village.  I’m sure you can look at it on the internet [picture below].  Of course I took tons of pictures… but yeah… we all know that’s not working.   Anyway it was super beautiful.  A long hike, but totally worth it.  

A lot of cool things happened this week.  Yesterday we met a really cool guy in Pirna.  He’s quite a bit older but he loves his family so much and really seemed like he wanted to hear our message and we have a number and address so that’s always super good to have…us creepy stalker missionaries. haha just kidding……kinda.  

That’s mostly it for now, but thank you for everything and for all the great birthday letters everyone.  I love you so much.  Have a good week.

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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