My broken chair.
My broken chair.

Guten Tag Alle!

Well this week was transfer calls and I’M STAYING IN DRESDEN! The only one leaving our district is our district leader Elder Davis (shada) [too bad] but there is obviously a reason he has to be in a different city! I got my birthday package finally this week and enjoyed all of it and have worn only new clothes since I’ve gotten it.  Thank you and it was definitely needed!

So as for random tidbits from this week: So I guess I sleep talking a little now!  Oh the joys of how much a mission can change you! I guess one night Sister Helzer and I were asleep, talking in German together ha-ha.  Talk about so weird.  But it was in German, so that is always a plus!! 🙂

This week Sister Rasmussen and I were really focused on following promptings and we saw a Chinese guy on the baun [train] and I said, “Maybe we should talk to him,” but he was forever away and then we were too lazy, ha-ha oops.  Then I said it again but we were too lazy again and then he was getting off and all of the sudden I just yelled to Sister Rasmussen, “Let’s go!”  So we ran off the baun with him and kinda did the creepy missionary stalk thing and finally a light turned red so we could talk to him and we did.  He had no interest but maybe one day he will.  So that was a quite interesting and hilarious thing this week.  Sometimes Sister Rasmussen and I have problems with deciding if it’s a prompting or us personally! So what is it? Tell ´me what y’all think this story is… us being in love with Chinese? Or a prompting? Ready set GO! ha-ha

Then yesterday we had an appointment scheduled with a guy for over a week.  And the Elders were coming with us but unfortunately we didn’t know exactly where the guy lived.  So we called and he told us.  Little did we know that his name was Dinh and the other Sisters had an appointment with someone in the same building at 7 with a Dinh and our appointment was at 8 PM.  So we klingle [ring the bell] the ONLY DINH in the building and there were the other Sisters, teaching him a lesson.  It was pretty much just fantastic! So that was my adventures this week with funny stories. 

Oh the joys of missionary work! Too bad I LOVE IT – HAHA! I live for these dumb hilarious stories of when we risked the awkward and talked to random people! Ahh…missionary work is the best.  I’m so blessed to be here!

Also, I don’t know if I have told this story yet, so es tut mir leid [I’m sorry] if I have.  One night I was writing in my journal (trust me it doesn’t happen a lot since there is no time as a missionary), anyway I asked the Sisters if ‘besser’ was spelled right because it looked weird.  Sister Helzer asked if I wrote in my journal in German and I said ‘no of course not, then my children won’t be able to read it’ and she said ‘you know besser is a German word right?’ SHOOOOOT.  I can no longer tell the difference between a German word and an English word.

Oh and here is another story:  We were sitting at our desks studying at like 8:30 AM and all of the sudden we hear a loud noise.  We thought nothing of it.  Then about 10 minutes later I went to lean back in my nice desk chair – totally normal, right?  And BOOM – it just didn’t stop tipping backward and next thing I knew I was on the floor!  ALL I WAS TRYING TO DO WAS STAY AWAKE DURING PERSONAL STUDY! Needless to say after falling, that totally helped!

Sorry for all the funny non-spiritual stories but on a spiritual note I am still alive because I am protected for keeping the commandments! Ha-ha 🙂

Have a wunderschon [wonderful] week meine liebe [my loves]! Tschuss! [Bye]

XOXO Sister Ahrenholtz


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