Dresden is UNREAL!

HOLY COW TALK ABOUT WEEK OF MIRACLES!  I don’t even know where to start – ha-ha. 

So there is a language called Danglish which is Deutsch and English mixed together so that’s pretty much what the missionaries speak! Here are some words from this week or sentences that we have said.  Werden Sie diese Brief dropenoffen für mich? (Will you drop this letter off for me?) ha-ha.   #ilovedanglish

Then the next is Sister Rasmussen and I always remember to say opening prayers when we begin our daily planning but forget the closing prayer.  So one day we said shoot we always forget to schluss (we always forget to close) ha-ha.  It’s pretty much like we are going to make a wordbook now with all these things! Danglish is my lieblings sprache [favorite language].

So last week for P-day we went to Radebeul [a suburb of Dresden surrounded by vineyards] and it was beautiful.  We hiked up to where President Monson opened up East Germany for missionary work [in 1975].  It was so cool.  We went up and read the prayer and sat there for a while thinking about how lucky we are to serve in East Germany.  It will be so weird if I ever go to West Germany.

DAD, well everyone can read this, so us Sisters made a plan where we do yoga Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and run all the other days.  I’m now to the point where I can run about a mile without stopping or without even walking! Ha-ha.  It was pretty much the most rewarding thing ever when we realized running is a totally mental thing.  If you know you can do it then you can do it! 🙂

We got a new District Leader, Elder Hays.  He is pretty fantastic.  He’s a great district leader.  He has been here in Germany 1 transfer more than us.

BIGGEST MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: So on Saturday we decided to go to the American store for dinner and get some things but it was closed.  We saw someone inside so she came to the door and said ‘Sorry, I don’t own this place but you can come in a buy stuff if you have exact change” and then she recognized we were missionaries and she is an inactive member.  She’s from Ireland or Scotland and she was great.  She said she wants to come back to church but doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t know where it is or anything.  So that was just amazing.  Then we talked to her more and told her all the info and HER BROTHER IS PUTTING HIS PAPERS IN to serve a mission! Anyway, then we said to her, “You know it’s not a coincidence that we are here the same time as you, right?” Because she was only in the store for 3 minutes and was about to leave and she said, “Yes, I know you were sent here because Heavenly Father knows I need go back to church.”  IT WAS SO AMAZING!  She is so great. 

We also have an investigator from China.  This last week we met about 4 of her friends and we are starting to teach THEM ALL! It’s pretty legit.  We are starting to see that last transfer was a trial of our faith and this transfer we are going to see all the things come of it and we are so excited. Of course numbers don’t matter but our numbers this week were exceeding our goals and the best we have ever gotten!  WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE DRESDEN!

I know I’m here for a reason and this is possibly it!  One thing I read this week while studying is a scripture that says: ‘THEY LIVED FOR GLORY, THEY DIED FOR GLORY, AND GLORY IS THEIR ETERNAL REWARD! This just made me so happy because it’s just so beautiful and true and I just love it! We can do this thing.  Everyone, we can believe in God and believe in Jesus Christ and we will have the same ETERNAL REWARD!

I love you all so much and wish you a great week!



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