Guten Morgen, Ya’ll!

My planner for this transfer.
My planner for this transfer.
Puddle jumping.
Puddle jumping.

This week was pretty great.  Sister Rasmussen and I decided that whenever we speak English we have to speak it with a British accent.  I say, it is pretty fun! 🙂

Anyway, so last Monday we had FHE [Family Home Evening] and an less-active member volunteered to make Albanian food.  She is the coolest person.  She is married to a non-member and has the cutest little girl.  On Monday I helped her make the dinner for about an hour while Sister R kept her little girl busy, then we had a delicious Albanian dinner.  It was great and I learned how to make it, so be prepared for when I come home. 🙂 That was just fantastic.  FHE was really good last Monday.

P-day was super great we just hung out at the church with the Elders.  We made pancakes and played ping pong and am ende [at end] the Elders did a play for us on the stage and it was HILLARIOUS! Our Elders are so great!

Then there is a lady we have been teaching for a while.  I haven’t really told you about her because I have decided that I’m not going to tell you when investigators are getting baptized till after their baptism because if the baptism falls out its just too hard.  So she had a baptism set for the 4th (yesterday) and she was doing really good.  We met with her Tuesday and asked her to give us her for sure answer about baptism Wednesday.  So we met with her and she decided to wait to get baptized until after her 2 month vacation.  So yeah… NATURLICH we were SUPER sad, but she wasn’t ready.  So when we went home after the lesson it was about 8:00 and we were going to do language study, then daily planning.  We got home and checked the mail and there was an advertisement for a pizza business.  But we just really wanted ice cream so we may have ordered 3 pints of ice cream just for Sister R and me, AND THEN they said we had to order pizza in order for them to deliver it.  So of course, at 8:30 at night we ordered 2 PIZZAS AND 3 ICE CREAMS!  Oops!  But oh well, it was gone in like 20 minutes.  You gotta do what you gotta do to cope with sadness.  The next day Sister R and I were thinking it really is a good thing the lady didn’t get baptized yet because she was not as ready as we thought she was.  We also realized that AGENCY IS REAL.  No matter how hard we prayed and worked so she could be prepared, God won’t take away her agency because it is up to her.  But she is still hoping to get baptized after her 2 month long vacation. Anyway she is just fantastic and CHINESE! 🙂  Friday I’m assuming I will see her for my last time because I will probably no longer be in Dresden when she gets back. So hopefully we can do something with her.

Then on Saturday, Sister R and I were doing doors and it was fantastic.  We were at a building and I will now tell you a story…

So we klingel [ring] a door and nothing happens, then all of the sudden we hear really loud footsteps coming to the door…then a guy opens and in German of course YELLS “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

I said ” we are missionaries for Jesus Christ” and before i could finish that he yells “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” and I said ”to share a message about God”. Before I could finish that, he yells “GET OUT” and starts speaking some language that sounded like a Turkey GOBBLE GOBBLE BOGGLE BOGGLE.  For about 3 minutes he yelled in turkey language and we said “schon tag!” [good day] and left.  I LOVE EAST GERMANY! We continued knocking on doors and it was great because we only saw 4 half-naked people!

THANK YOU GERMANY FOR BEING SO HOT AND HUMID! [Few if any homes have air conditioning]

Pretty much I love missionary life and now to schlüss [close] I guess I can share a spiritual thought:  Yesterday at church I got to give the lady who I helped with dinner a set of Scriptures in Albanian and she was so happy.  She gave me a huge hug and kiss on the cheek just like these Albanians do.  And it was fast Sunday [the first Sunday of each month we skip breakfast and lunch] and so people were bearing their testimonies and I was sitting with her.  She turned to me and said “I really need to go up there and bear my testimony” but she was nervous because her German is about like mine…no…hers is better.  But I told her that she would be fine and that she would be directed by the Spirit.  After asking me the correct pronunciation for Heiligen Geist [Holy Ghost] she went up and she bore a beautiful testimony about how much she loves the Church and us Sisters and about how happy she was when I gave her those scriptures. 

IT’S AMAZING HAVING SOMEONE BEAR THEIR TESTIMONY ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE HELPED THEM.  I couldn’t help but tear up a bit.  It was so beautiful and her German was prefect!




Have a fantastic week and I love you all 🙂

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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