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Bike Ride
Bike Ride
Home Garden
Home Garden

Hello meine liebe es freut mich dier zu scriben 🙂 [Hello my dears, it pleases me to write to you.]

This week was so great. Louisa [the girl they found at the American Store the prior week] is so amazing.  We got to meet with her this week and also see her at church activities.  She is such an amazing person and has always been so in tune with the Spirit.  It is so cool.  We were talking to her and I told her that it is such a great gift she has that she can follow  promptings so easily and such, and it really made her realize how special she is and how fantastic she is.  She is really going to be one of my great friends forever!  I look up to her so much and not only is she so great, she also got me ADDICTED TO BRITISH CHOCOLATE!  I thought German chocolate was amazing and the best until she brought us British chocolate.  And trust me, it’s like 50 times better.  It’s so delicious!  So now I have to go to the American Store more often because its American and British!

So now I’m done with my British chocolate rant, so now I will go off on my:

GERMAN RANT!   I love the German language so much.  It’s so beautiful and this week someone asked my first name and I told them, and they said it like a German and it sounded even more beautiful!  As I am typing one of the Elders just asked how to spell the word ‘package’ in English.  I feel so bad for all of you.  When I get home I’m just going to struggle so much, changing languages, because I really won’t want to.  So viel glück [good luck]. ABER [But] German is so beautiful and I hope you all learn to say Ahrenholtz like a German because I will never say it like an American again. TIME FOR SPRACHE KLASSE [speech class]:  So Ahrenholtz in American is said: AREN HOLTZ.  But in German it is: AHR EN HOLTZ.  Now you all know how to say it right so I better never hear it like an American – haha 🙂  Anyway I think that’s all of my German rant. 

Now my DRESDEN RANT!  I love Dresden so much, with all of my ganzen herzen [whole heart] and it’s really hard for me to think that I will possibly be leaving soon.  Transfer calls are in 2 weeks and the Dresden Ward has been outstanding and has made so much progress from when I first got here.  I’m so thankful for all of the amazing members that I will remember for immer und immer [ever and ever] and also for the amazing Sachsen [high-German] accent because I have really learned German so much while being here.  And learning German with an accent is so great because that means when they speak it normal, I will understand even better! The only problem is that I don’t even notice the Sachsen accent.  I have been so lucky to live here in beautiful perfect Dresden, a city with so much history and that is so huge.  I love it so much and really will miss it.  I can’t wait for you all to come here one day.  I have heard many people say Dresden is a must see in Germany!  Okay I think I’m done with this rant…und jezt [and yet]…

MY COMPANION RANT!  My companion, Sister R is so amazing.  This week we became even closer when we realized we have never fought, argued or even got annoyed with each other.  It was so amazing.  It truly was inspiration that President Kosak followed, having us be companions.  I feel so thankful.  She is so smart and so willing to do everything and will even eat my fish for me!  It’s fantastic!  But we are just so thankful and this week we really just realized how blessed we are to be such good friends because she really is amazing and we are both so nervous for transfer calls.  

This Thursday we have interviews with President Kosak and we are so excited because we want to ask him how he knew we were supposed to be companions!  Okay I think that’s it for this one.  ONE MORE…

MISSIONARY RANT!   I love being a missionary with all of my heart.  It is the biggest blessing I think I have and will ever receive.  It couldn’t have been at a more perfect time and in a more perfect place!  This morning in personal study I read a talk from last General Conference.  The story is called, “it’s a Miracle.” by Elder Anderson. [click here for article]  And it was incredible and truly really made me be so much more thankful.  As soon as I finished reading it I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness and surety that this is where I’m supposed to be right now.  Then as I went to put on my name tag today I just thought that I’m so lucky to have this beautiful last name right next to Christ’s name and to be out working so hard putting Christ’s name out there so people can believe in him.  I feel so lucky to wear this beautiful necessity of a name tag and I can’t wait to look at it every day after my mission for the rest of my life and think about how much this is helping me and TRULY CHANGING MY LIFE AND OTHERS LIVES!! 1 PETER 3:15 LIVE BY IT.

I love you all so much and want you to know I love what I’m doing and I know why I’m here; to bring people closer to Christ.  And it is happening.  I hope you all have an amazing week and never forget that YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz




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