And I’m in what country????

Puddle Reflection
Puddle Reflection
My favorite mailbox
My favorite mailbox

Well this week was really Hoachin! (‘busy’ in Scottish talk) 🙂 This week we got to spend a lot of time with our favorite, Louisa. SHES SO AMAZING!  Seriously, it was always our favorite time when we were with her!  This week we got to go to an AMAZING restaurant with her and it was called…..ENGLAND ENGLAND.  I officially fell in love with England at first glance and it wasn’t even real England but she said it’s a lot like the UK!!  And let me tell you– the food was delicious, the style was amazing and then everything was perfect.  I got scones and Sister R got a UK classic beans on toast, and it sounds so weird but it was amazing: baked beans just on toast and it is like heaven.  Now I just can’t wait to go to the UK after my mission, and especially to visit Louisa and her family!!! This week we have been talking with a Scottish or British accent whenever we spoke English and we learned some new words, like Hoachin which I just taught you!  Last week I went off on German, this week I’m going off about SCOTTISH!! 🙂

SCHOOGLE – little shake like a shimmy

BOGGIN- dirty

BOWFIN- disgusting

and my favorite…..

GAB SMACKED!! which means like shocked or surprised.

Here is a sentence we use a lot:

“Ah tuld ya a wisnae kummin or ah tuld ya it disnae mattur.”


So I just typed of course for about 10 minutes because I didn’t know how any of it was spelled.  I tried, over and over; yes, my English is not perfect but it’s okay because, let’s be for real– it never was!! 🙂

Monday for P-day the Elders went home to sleep while we had an adventure out on the streets of Dresden.  We went to some really cool stores and did super fun things and yeah, it was a lot of fun! MY ABSOULUTE FAVORITE STORE WAS CALLED ART+FORM and I think it has a website but my mind was just blown away when I went into it.  It was pretty much ‘Gab Smacking’ amazing!

We have an investigator and she is so awesome, she comes from Gambia and she has a beautiful son and daughter.  This week she accepted to be baptized, so we are super excited for her and her progress!! 🙂

I LOVE DRESDEN SO MUCH. Next week probably another huge rant about Dresden if I leave or if I stay, so I’ll save that for next week.

I hope you all have a lovely week, full of happiness, sunshine and love for family, friends and most importantly our loving Heavenly Father!!

Cheerio my wee hens!

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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