Pretty Elephants!

Proper pinkie extension
Proper pinkie extension
At the zoo, pulling a handcart?
At the zoo, pulling a handcart?

This week has just been amazing and so full of lots of things.

Happiness, Joy, Sadness, Hard times, HARDWORK!

So…hmm…where to start.  That’s the real question…Last P-Day we went to the Zoo and it was so much fun.  We saw the regalist [most regal] Lion, and prettiest Elephants! I just love Zoos so much and it’s even more fun as a missionary!! 🙂  This email isn’t going to be very organized, but hey, we ALL know I’m never organized! 🙂

So on Thursday we had an Austellung [street display] which was so awesome.  We just worked TOO hard.  Sometimes it’s kinda fun because we are all in a huge circle, but talking individually (instead of with a companion) with EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WALKS BY.  First I met a really cool guy who happened to be very attractive and he really thought my last name was beautiful – haha.  I think he may have not been interested in the church but I tried and he was just really cool.  Then I met a guy who is in a Christian band but he needs a bible in Spanish.  He was cool though and had such a strong testimony about Jesus Christ.  Then another man…. WOW…I just realized all the people who talked to me were men. Oops 🙂  Everyone needs the Gospel, right?  But the next guy just came up and said he doesn’t believe in God because he has never been married and has never been in love and he thinks God would want him to be happy and be in love so I told him that we all have trials and that a lot of the time people are married but it goes really hard and they end up not together or sometimes someone dies and he really seemed moved by what I had to tell him.  He was like “thank you so much for what you have told me today, it was exactly what I needed” and he said he has always seen the missionaries but never wanted to talk to us but this time he came up to me! AND it’s always a plus because he said I SPOKE GOOD GERMAN! He said he could understand everything I was saying and he felt like he was talking to a German! SWEET!!!

Then one day Sister Rasmussen and I were at an inactive member’s house and she was playing the guitar with Sister Rasmussen and of course the only songs that Germans know how to play on the guitar are…JOHN DENVER!  So we sang ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ and ‘I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane!’  So that was quite interesting…but I didn’t cry!  But it was so much fun and the Spirit was super strong!

Then this week we got to take Sister Tenney to lunch with us and Louisa and it was so much fun.  We went to England England to eat with her, and the Elders decided they would join us also, so that was a lot of fun! 🙂

NEUSTADT: It is one of my favorite places in Dresden.  Louisa happened to teach us a history lesson about Neustadt.  A few years ago, Neustadt tried to become its own country, so when you passed the bridge you had to get a stamp in your passport and the flag was the German flag with Mickey Mouse face on it.  Neustadt is super cute.  It is all small businesses.  That was a rule and they have kind of kept it!  Needless to say it was a FANTASTIC week.

On Saturday we went on a ward activity with the young men and young women.  We went to the temple and did our study while they were inside and then we walked to Dresden from the temple.  It was so much fun 🙂 We ended up walking a lot of miles! They told us how long it was but it was not in miles so I had no clue what they were saying! 🙂

I love missionary work.

So this week during my personal study I’ve learned many great things:

1:  I learned from Psalms 22:20 that “my darling” means “my life” how adorable, right?

2: I learned in Psalms 23:3 that it says “he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake” and I thought WHOA – I WEAR HIS NAME EVERYDAY – CLOSE TO MY HEART, and He promises that He will lead us in good and righteous paths. BLESSINGS!!

3: I learned in Psalms 28:7 that “The LORD is my STRENGTH and my SHIELD; my HEART TRUSTED in HIM!”

I love this so much.  TRUST IN THE LORD! It is so important that we are open to His will and trust Him with our;

Life, Friends, Family.  Because He gives us everything.  SUBMIT YOURSELVES to His will.

I love you all with meine ganzen herzen [my whole heart] and really am so thankful for all you do for me!

BTW, yesterday the Elders had a baptism and it was amazing and she is so great and it was beautiful.  I really just want you all to know how happy I am to be on a mission. 

This morning I figured some stuff out during my personal study.  My theme for this transfer is:

FALL into Missionary work. Because this is a memorable time of year and I think Fall will always be my favorite time of year because it is the time when my life changed.  This transfer has the mark of my 7th and 8th months on my mission. 6th month in Germany.  AND 1 YEAR SINCE THE MISSIONARY AGE CHANGE.  THIS IS A HUGE BLESSING.

We have so many missionaries now and don’t forget that this has ALL happened in 1 year! We are so blessed. It is amazing! WOW MISSIONARY LIFE ROCKS!

Okay, I love you all so much.  Have a great week!

Oh, by the way, transfers were announced on Friday and I’m staying in Dresden! That’s right!  You heard it right.  I’m staying in Dresden with Sister R!! 🙂



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