Blumen [Flowers]

I am so sorry I do not have a lot of time today! But it’s okay I’ll try and make it still a good email!! So where to start…more like what was important…so this week was transfers and we have 1 new Sister and 2 new Elders.  One ganze [totally] new Elder and he is awesome.  When everyone left on Tuesday it was hard because I had been with Elder A since February 6th because he was in my MTC district and then we both came to Dresden together and had been together the whole time.  He is my mission twin, but really we are A LOT alike.  We both are just so chill and down for whatever, yet work super hard. He was super awesome so it was hard to say bye to him and Elder S.  He has been in Dresden with me the whole time too but now he is gone up to where the Ahrenholtz’s come from so I told him to find them all and baptize them 🙂

I’M NOW THE OLDEST DRESDENER MISSIONARY! It’s pretty great because the ward recognizes me but now they are saying I’m leaving next transfer.  COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK. IT’S THE FIRST WEEK OF A NEW TRANSFER but I think I agree with them so I’m just trying to live up my last little bit in Dresden.  So this week Sister Rasmussen and I were doing doors and found this lady that was very sad but not willing to listen.  About 30 minutes later when we were almost finished ‘dooring’ her street we saw a table with about 5 flower bouquets on it and it said we can buy a bouquet for 1.50 Euros so of course with my obsession I bought one.  I mean IT WAS SO CHEAP AND CUTE.  So then I didn’t know what to do with it and neither did sister Rasmussen so I said we should say a prayer about who we should give these to, so I said the prayer and the second I said ‘Amen’ Sister R said I know where we are going, so we turned around and she felt like we should go back to this sad lady’s house. So we went there and she wasn’t home so we put the flowers and a Book of Mormon on her window sill and went on our way. (We also left a Book of Mormon at the flower stand) OOPS 🙂 But nothing ever came of it.  At least not yet.  She hasn’t called or anything but it was just great and I know it touched this lady and maybe one day she will have an interest.

IT’S FALL!  I don’t remember if I went off about this last time but I’m so happy it’s becoming fall.  We are going to see so many miracles happen this fall and I’m just so excited!! Plus we get to dress a lot cuter now! We also got a new Sister.  Sister Keller is awesome and we are going to dye each other’s hair and I’m so excited 🙂 Anyway that had nothing to do with anything sorry!!!

 THANK YOU FOR THE CD HAYZ. It makes Sister R and me so happy to wake up to everyday! It’s the best!

REVELATION!  So Sister R and I were sitting in the church in Freiberg about a week ago before our walk with the youth and as we were talking about what we can do to have an even better transfer (which I didn’t know was possible) but at the same exact time we said we should change the rooms around, so now in our 4 Sister apartment it used to be 4 beds in one room and 4 desks in the other but we made it so it’s like 2 different places: 2 desks and 2 beds together in a room and the other 2 desks and 2 beds in the other room. It’s amazing.  It helps so much.  We can feel the Spirit so much more and concentrate so much better.  I’m just so excited for the rest of this transfer.

Well, I’m just doing so fantastic.  Loving every minute living the missionary life and teaching the gospel! It’s amazing I feel so blessed.  I hope you all have a great week!

xoxox Sister Ahrenholtz


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