Dining on daisies!

At sea
At sea

How is everyone? What is new? This week was just amazing here in Germany!

Hmmmm…where to start…always the biggest question…

First, we are teaching a German class.  Yes, WE are teaching German.  We had a class this week and it rocked. There were so many people there.  Sister Rasmussen and I got to teach these two girls: one from Japan and one from France, only it’s kinda hard because they both don’t know English or German.  It’s quite interesting, but we’re working on it!! 

The last week or so we have been struggling to find people to teach and haven’t had a lot of people, so on Mittwoch [Wednesday] I decided that I was going to fast on Donnerstag [Thursday] so that we could find someone. 


So I was fasting and as we were leaving our house to go finding.  We took 2 German Books of Mormon and for some reason, I had no clue why, I grabbed a Portuguese one. So we went finding in downtown Dresden and we were talking to everyone.  We found a lot of people from Holland, China, AND then as we were finding we talked to this couple and we spoke in English. I asked where they were from and they said Brazil and I was like: oh, cool, where in Brazil? We have a lot of missionaries there.  Then they said about 10 miles away from a city called CAMPINAS. YOU BEST BELIEVE I FREAKED OUT (because that’s where Zach is) [Zach is from Littleton] and I was like; well I have a good friend there – you could meet with missionaries there and they can speak Portuguese with you.  They didn’t have an interest but I was just thinking how cool that would be if one day they saw missionaries in Brazil and it was Zach.  Then we were finding and these 3 girls came up to us and said “we are playing a game called ‘bigger or better’.  We have this thing of lotion, will you take our lotion and give us something for it that is bigger or better and we said you can have this book (played real smooth) right? 🙂 So we gave them the Book or Mormon and took their lotion! 

We then had them giving people Books of Mormon!

Then we kept going and 3 other girls came up to us and DID THE SAME THING! So we were like, of course we would like your pen; we have this book you can give to people, so they took it. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS! So then Sister Rasmussen and I now want to do that for finding and play that game and just give out Books of Mormon each time 🙂  THEN…. we had no more German Books of Mormon so we were finding and went up to this girl and she didn’t have interest at first but then she got a little more interested and we said we have this book called the Book of Mormon and told her about it but said we would love to give you a copy but we only have one in Portuguese on us right now and she was like well that is FANTASTIC cause I’m from PORTUGAL!  Amazing right?  So then we gave it to her and made an appointment and get to meet with her this week! WE ARE SO EXCITED! 

This week we also went to Blumen essen [flower eating]: Yesterday we had an amazing eating appointment with a member named Schwester Bartsch and she loves flowers just like me, so she put flowers in our salad and in our dessert and it was awesome and looked so cute.  She thought it was so funny to watch us eat flowers but it was delicious! 

MY COMPANION IS AWESOME!  Seriously, Sister Rasmussen is just the best.  We get along so well and are so happy and have NEVER argued or even disagreed or been annoyed of each other.  Amazing. We just love each other and we have been companions for 3 months!! YAY I LOVE HER. SHE IS SO GREAT! 

Yesterday at church, the Bishop announced that the closing song was going to be ‘Called to Serve’ in German of course and I just got so excited because I love when we get to sing that song and as we were singing it I just couldn’t stop smiling super huge.

I just want you all to know how happy I am to be a missionary and a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ!  He’s so amazing and we are just so lucky to be members of this church and for those of you who aren’t members, go on Mormon Messages and just watch videos and after watching the videos see how you feel.  If you feel good and spiritual, contact a missionary and get them to come talk to you, because seriously, it will change your life in the most amazing ways.  It is the biggest blessing I have ever received and I am so thankful to be a member and a missionary and a Mormon and a daughter and a sister and a best friend.

GOD LOVES YOU.  I know that if you have a little bit a curiousness about the church, look more into it because you ALWAYS have your agency.  Once you have learned more you can either keep going if you like it or stop if you think it’s not right for you.  And all of you members, work with your friends.  Introduce them to the missionaries and serve a mission in your own personal life by being an example and inviting friends to come closer to Christ! 


XOXO Sister Ahrenholtz


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