Beans on Toast

So this week we had ZO KO 2K13 x3 (zone conference in 2013 for my 3rd time) and we had 5 of the 10 of us from our MTC district together and it was AWESOME!! So I figured I would send pictures of that and pictures of us saying goodbye to people last transfer and talk about MISSION FRIENDS…at least for the start of this email.

Zone/MTC Group
Zone/MTC Group

Here is Sister Degraw, Me (in case you forgot what I look like :)) Elder Ashmead, Elder Bendixen, and Elder Süffert.

So you can image it was a great reunion especially since we hadn’t seen Elder Ashmead in a whole 2 weeks.  By the way, Elder Ahsmead and I are the ones who are mission twins and this transfer is our first time not together since February 6th so you can imagine it is a hard time!  It was so great to be reunited; all of us and to see how everyone was doing.  It was just so much fun and they are so hilarious.  I have been able to see Sister Degraw and Elder Ashmead a lot so that has been great!  I just love how you become such good friends with people who are nothing like you or just so much like you there is just such a huge variety!

Temple pose
Temple pose

So next is a picture with Sister Rasmussen and Sister Helzer!! They are so awesome! Sister Rasmussen is just so great.  Who would have known you can get along with someone 100% and not even argue or anything bad for this long.  She is so awesome and we are just so much alike yet so different!!  She really is my hero.  She is just so nice to everyone and is so good at loving people!  Sister Helzer is just so awesome and she is so creative and hilarious and loves everyone and wants everyone to be happy!

YOU MEET BEST FRIENDS ON YOUR MISSION; and come closer to Heavenly Father of course! 🙂

Elder Stephens
Elder Stephens

This is Elder Stephens and I before he left to Oldenburg where he is going to find all the Ahrenholtz people he can and baptize them, he is great.  He was in Dresden the whole time I was here also and he was one of our Zone Leaders.  Definitely, we will be friends after the mission.  But seriously, it is just incredible how well you can get along with people and it is even weirder to think there is NO way I would have met them unless I was here on my mission.  SO COOL.  I love it so much!

Proof that I really am in Germany.
Proof that I really am in Germany.

And just in case you forgot, I took this picture so you can remember that I am in GERMANY!

This week has been amazing.  We have met with members a lot of times lately, because we are really pushing and focusing on member missionary work, like I mentioned last week, and that has been going fantastic!  Last week we had to help Sister Tenney at a young single adults dance and it was just so weird to be there helping with food!  It was really cool because we got to see how the young single adult activities are here in Germany!!  It was pretty great!  

Yes, this week has been pretty great! SISTER RASMUSSEN AND I MADE OUR OWN BEANS ON TOAST AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!  It was so delicious!!

I am pretty sure next week’s email will be a lot more exciting because something is happening at the end of the week that I will tell you about next week.


XOXOX Sister Ahrenholtz


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