Drum Roll…

Hello my lovely family and friends.  Yes, you heard it right, I am in Dresden…right now! 🙂 We transfer on Tuesdays! This last week has been so amazing! On P-Day we went on a hike again. 


It was totally beautiful and such perfect weather. 

We were so lucky to hit it at a perfect time when the leaves were changing so that made it even more unbelievable! 


Hike in the Switzerland of Saxony
Hike in the Switzerland of Saxony

Yes, breath-taking, right? Trust me, it’s like 1,000,000 times better when it is in real life! 


NEXT: LIEBE FREUNDE [dear friend]

So this week I had to say goodbye to our lovely Louisa.  She is in Scotland visiting her family! But we ended it with a great meal and great lesson at England England [English restaurant] and we wrote in the guest book there that it was where our friendship grew, so that when we all go back together one day, we can look in it and read it! So here is my last picture with Louisa! But not last ever, because she said she would come visit me wherever I get transferred to. And after my mission of course I will see her all the time! Then us three BESTEN FREUNDEN FÜR IMMER.

Farewell to Louisa
Farewell to Louisa


Liebe Gruße… [greeting of love]


NEXT: ZEUGNIS [Testimony]

Well this week we were able to meet with our recent convert before she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, because in between baptism and receiving this gift the adversary works pretty hard, but not with our lovely Isa because she rocked the whole thing and never had a problem.  One amazing thing that I was able to witness this week was when we were talking to her about the Book of Mormon and why it is so special, we asked her if she knows it’s true.  And she said ‘yes, of course’ and we asked if she had prayed to know it’s true and she said ‘no, I just believe it is’ and we asked ‘do you think you can pray and ask tonight just so Heavenly Father can confirm your belief?’ and she said ‘yes’.  As we were about to say our 3 closing prayers it went like this:

Prayer 1: Nemo prayed, which is Brigitte [Isa’s daughter] praying in a little ‘Nemo’ voice while holding a Nemo stuffed animal. 

Prayer 2: was the real Brigitte praying.

Prayer 3: Sister Rasmussen followed a prompting and asked Isa to ask about the Book of Mormon in her prayer, so she did she said it in her native tongue and all we understood was Das Buch Mormon. But during this prayer the room got really warm and our hearts were beating like crazy and we felt the Spirit testifying to Istaou it is TRUE. After the prayer all Isatou said was WOW. It was so amazing and she had received her answer and it strengthened all our testimonies so much! AMAZING!




Well as you all know I will be leaving Dresden but one thing that makes me feel okay about this decision is that I worked so hard here in Dresden that I ruined ALL of my shoes. 

Worn out shoes
Worn out shoes


Yes these are my shoes.  Or better said, these were my shoes.  They all have a huge hole all the way to my foot and as you can see, the first 3 shoes have no sole on them. Right after I realized this I was thankful that it is winter till I realized that the zipper on my nice boots has broken and so had the bottom of them! YAY!!


Needless to say I will be going boot shopping today.

 One last story for ya’ll before I go onto the next topic.

Yesterday I went through all my shoes and found one pair that only had one hole so I wore them to church and all day.  As we were leaving an appointment we had, we were trying to get out so we didn’t miss our bus which only comes 2 times an hour and it was the last one we could take and still get home by 9. So the bus was scheduled to arrive at 8:37 so I watched the clock as we are slowly saying goodbye.  It was getting to be 8:35 and we had to go down a huge hill to the bus.  We finally leave and realize the second we got off the elevator that we needed to run.  So we RAN SO FAST TRYING TO CATCH OUR BUS. And naturlich [naturally] these shoes I’m wearing are little shoes and as running they happened to just slipped off my feet and I couldn’t stop or we would miss our bus! YES, I got on the bus with no shoes and I walked home with no shoes. I litterly left my shoes in the streets of Dresden. 


I’m very happy that this German statement means “Until we see again”. So this is what I will be saying to my lovely Dresden tomorrow.  My heart will always stay here, along with my mission family. Since you never have been able to come to church here in Dresden here are some wiedersehen pictures of me outside this lovely building that I have been SO lucky to spend 7 months in! 


Autumn colors outside the Dresden Chapel
Autumn colors outside the Dresden Chapel

Most beautiful tree ever right? Right inside the gates to the church.


Dresden: meine heim stadt.. [my home town]



Now the time you have been waiting for I will be leaving Dresden, but I will be going to a suburb of Berlin called Lankwitz.  I will be there tomorrow. 

I will be serving in something called a drit [third] that means there will be 3 sisters in my companionship.  I will be serving with Sister Turner and Sister Hansen! I’m very excited for the new adventure and to be in a very German ward.  I have been to the chapel there before and it is BEAUTIFUL! And tiny! 

 Love you family and friends have a good week.  Until next week from Lankwitz…

 xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz



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