Autumn in Berlin

Autumn Tag
Autumn Tag
New Palace in Potsdam
New Palace in Potsdam

Hallo meine liebe Freunde und Familie [Hello my loving friends and family]

Well this week was just pretty fantastic. Alles Gutte [Everything is good] here in Lankwitz.  I love it.  It’s definitely not Dresden but it’s pretty great.  We are going to see more sights today so I’m super excited for that! This week has just been a normal week however tis much harder to rest here in Lankwitz because we are SO busy. Seriously, I’m lucky if I get to think.  But that’s okay.  No need to think when you’re on a mission, right? 🙂   It’s fantastic.  I love it here and the Ward is fantastic too.


This week we have a huge mission meeting on the 31st so we won’t be really dressing up but my companions and I are each wearing outfits that kinda look like a princess, like one of the main Disney movie princesses, while still looking like a normal missionary! But this mission meeting means that I GET TO SEE SISTER RASMUSSEN and ELDER ASHMEAD and THE TENNEYS!  And everyone else of course.  I’m just so excited!

Yesterday we got to teach an awesome investigator named Francoise and she is from Rwanda and she has THE CUTEST DAUGTHER.  Being in a drit [threesome] helps because I got the best job ever.  I got to play with her daughter while the other Sisters taught the mom so she could focus on the lesson.  It was so fun.  I love her so much.  We just look at the church picture book and talk about the pictures.  It’s pretty great!! 🙂 LOVE IT SHE IS SO CUTE!

Today I want to focus on another story, one that I read this week.  It’s called: The Son. By Brenton Yorgason.  I don’t have time to type it all, so Mom and Dad will you look it up and send it?

Anyway, these last 2 weeks I have talked a lot about light in my emails and now I know why. The light is truly love from God.  Every time I feel sunshine on my face I think of Him and remember Him and his Son, Jesus Christ.  This week I came across a couple of scriptures that I want to share with y’all.

John 8:12

then spake Jesus again unto them saying
I am the light of the world
he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness
but shall have the light of life. 

I love this scripture so very much. It really means so much to me.  Jesus Christ is the light.  If you follow His example and what He says we need to do, you will have light and happiness and everything you need.


Yesterday at church the lesson was actually on the light of Christ and about 5 minutes before the lesson was over, all the sudden the warmest and biggest sun ray hit into the room, and that was not a coincidence.  We all got so happy and started crying.  We truly felt His love for us.  After church a member, Panita, came and talked to me about it and she just said that it was one of the most amazing things she had ever felt and seen. I thought the same thing.  I have never felt the love from our Heavenly Father so strong in my entire life.  It was really amazing.

Like it says in Psalms 43:3
O send out thy light
and thy truth;
let them lead me.

That is why I’m here, is to send the light and love from God to people in Germany and to send out the truth also because I know with my whole heart this is true and I want others to also know this!  I hope all of you will be able to feel the love from the Lord this week when you feel His sun shine on our face and that inner warmth comes.


2 Nephi 12:5


I love you all so very much and miss you all very much.  Have a lovely week and remember the Lord in all things.

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz


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