8 Days to Christmas

Christmas Market in Berlin
Christmas Market in Berlin
My 1st Zone Leader Elder Moss - goes home this week.
My 1st Zone Leader Elder Moss – goes home this week.
Nope - not German, but Thai food.
Nope – not German, but Thai food.

Hello everyone!  We have an 8-day countdown going.  Are you all as excited for
Christmas as me? I DONT THINK SO! haha 🙂 I love you all so much and hope you have had a great week. So as for my week last P-day I went to my first
Weihnachts Markt [Christmas Market] which was TOTALLY AMAZING! Nothing is better than Germany at Christmas time. Oh wait, doch, being with my family in Germany at
Christmas time, but that is okay – one year we can do that.

How is everything?  So let me just send you a few pictures of the markt because
words can’t do it justice! 🙂 

Before I forget, my application to BYU Idaho is almost done so please get it
finished this week so you can send it in.  Thank you 🙂 Sister Hansen and I
might room together if I get into BYUI.  The sooner you get applications done the better I will be able to focus and get things figured out. Love you and THANK YOU.

This week we had zone conference.  You can see pictures on the blog 🙂 I wasn’t in the front row but I am still pretty visable.  Also in the video of silent night you can see my
feet.  I’m in the front row but I was sitting down because my companion couldn’t stand up because she was sick.  That is pretty much my week from Thursday until now.  My companion has been sick and now is getting better, hopefully.  So we have just been kinda hanging out.  We had a few appointments we couldn’t cancel so Sister Hansen and I went to them and Sisters Turner and Miesbauer stayed together.  Have I told you HOW EXCITED I AM TO SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS?  This is the longest we will ever have to go without talking!!

We have a lot of eating appointments around Christmas time which will be awesome but not so awesome at the same time.  But on the 27th Sister Hansen and I are going to cut down on everything until come home because then we’ve got to get better at what we eat. Haha

I saw Sister Rasmussen this week and all my other best friends from Dresden and it was fantastic!  I love them all so much and they have just been doing amazing.  That was probably the highlight of my week; seeing them. This last week I have been playing Mom.  I get to make dinner all the time because no one else does.  I get to clean our messy house everyday cause having 2 Sisters home 24 hours for 2 days made it pretty messy 🙂 But it’s okay because I’m working on those mother-skills that I will need one day!   I have found lots more yummy easy foods to make, which is fun.  Speaking of food, I’m starving.

So now on a good email note. I was going to write a bunch of things I read this week about the life of Jesus Christ but it just wouldn’t be good enough, so I decided to send you this link of a great video we show a lot of the time!

in Christ.



Just wait till the email next week, it will be so good.  I mean, can you imagine how excited I will be – being so close to Christmas?

I love being a missionary and having the name of our Savior Jesus Christ on me at all times.  I love him so much and He is my best friend.  I really hope you enjoy the video!

xoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz

Have an amazing week!


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