Merry Christmas!


Just in case you were curious, I’m totally excited and nervous beyond comprehension about talking to you all on Christmas Day. But for real though. I told Hayz this, but I feel like you all are just like a dream life. Whoever these crazy emails and letters come from must be in another world. Oh wait.  You are! 🙂 Anyway, you best believe I’m just freaking out and so thankful we don’t have any teaching appointments before Wednesday because I would not be able to focus.

First I will tell you about our last week!!  We got to go to another Weihnachts markt [Christmas Market] and it was totally awesome.  We didn’t have a lot of time so we are going back today! 🙂  It was pretty amazing.  I bought a Christmas windmill and it is being sent to Littleton so feel free to use it as yours till I get my own home then I’m going to have to steal it from you. 🙂  It’s beautiful though! 🙂

Just in case you were curious, my patience hasn’t gotten any better on my mission (even though my companions think I’m super patient, I’m not) and I still hate surprises which means………………………… guessed it……..I’ve opened all my Christmas presents already!

Missionary pillow case
Missionary pillow case
Opened early!
Opened early!

THANKS HAY HAY! You rock!  I have been wearing these gloves every day, all day.  They are like my hands from heaven 🙂 haha 🙂 Hayz you best believe those Reeses candies were eaten in the first 30 minutes! 🙂 Don’t worry mom and dad, Sister Hansen stole your package to me so I have something to open on Christmas.

Yesterday was totally like the best day of church other than the Sunday of the Primary Program I attended in Dresden.  I have now decided I want to learn to play the piano, cello, and violin. Lissa you should play the violin again so you can play it when I come home 🙂  Love you!   Anyway, yes I will just add it to the list of things I want to learn when I get home.  French, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, [Dad commentary: perhaps she should add English to the list!] piano, cello, violin.  Wow that will take a couple years I think 🙂  Yes, church was just awesome and one of our investigators was there.  He is Muslim and said he felt the Spirit.  That is something HUGE that he recognized that all by himself!  Then yesterday we had dinner with the Stake President and that was awesome.  His family is so great and so loving!  I felt like I was at home which is just the best feeling ever!!  Yesterday Sister Miesbauer and I also visited a member who is real old and can’t get out of bed so she can’t come to church.  We have visited her a lot because she is alone.  We always sing and pray with her.  We always ask if she will pray but she says no; but yesterday she prayed and it was the most simple, beautiful prayer ever.  The whole time she was just thanking Heavenly Father that we always come to sing for her!  She is so sweet! 🙂


Today I wanted to share some Christmas things with you that Sister Kosak shared with us at zo ko [zone conference].

Christmas Facts:

If you try to define Christmas in one word it usually ends up being the word LOVE

*God loved his Son which is why He sent Him here.

*Jesus loves us.

*We love each other as friends and family

Red symbolizes the blood of Christ.

Green symbolizes the everlasting tree and eternity.

Gold symbolizes the color of gifts given to Jesus and us.

The Christmas tree started in Germany and the top of it points to heaven!

Next: I wanted to share a few more videos because they are just amazing and I hope you will all watch them 🙂


I just love this one so much because it is just beautiful! 🙂 It just totally invites the Spirit 🙂

And last but not least, my favorite cheesy church Christmas movie: Mr. Kruegger’s Christmas!  I watched it this week while sitting in bed after 9:30 and I have never felt so at home my whole mission.  I felt so comfortable and just surrounded by you all…but you weren’t there. It’s amazing and this video really helps me focus on the love part of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all I hope you have an amazing Christmas and stay healthy and happy!

xoxoxoxoxox – Sister Ahrenholtz


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