Wild Card

Sushi for dinner?  Where am I again?  What happened to the goulash?
Sushi for dinner? Where am I again? What happened to the goulash?
11 months down - 7 months to go!
11 months down – 7 months to go!



I’m sure you are curious why ‘Wild Card’ is the subject to my email.  Well I will tell you the story.  On Tuesday, last week, we were at the mission office for a few minutes and President Kosak came up to me and said, “Sister Ahrenholtz, you are my wild card.  Whenever a Sister is needed somewhere, I know you will fill that empty space and be happy because you are so positive.”  And I thought: “Huh?  What?”  He said, “There is a Sister in the mission who might have to go home, but you will find out when we find out.” And I said, “Okay.”  And that was the end of our conversation. Then yesterday, President Kosak was in our ward here in Lankwitz and he came up to me and said, “Good morning Sister Ahrenholtz, you will be transferred this week.”  Then he continued to shake people’s hands and I went up to him and asked what he had said.  He said, “Yes, we have a Sister going home because she has been sick since October so you will be going to Marzahn on Tuesday.”  Then all of the sudden I freak out because that means I’M GOING TO BE IN THE SAME APARTMENT AS SISTER RASMUSSEN!  Awesome, right?  Yes, I think so, and in the same ward as her.  So my new companion will be Sister Ricks.  She was in the MTC with me and I’m really excited! 🙂  It will be awesome, except the whole packing thing.  I sure hate packing!  Just so you know, Marzahn is in northern Berlin!  I’m so excited.  It will definitely be a new adventure!

I go tomorrow, so I have to pack really fast.  I figure I will take some time to tell you about the people we have been teaching in Lankwitz because I don’t talk about them a lot.

1. Bruder N: He is not yet a member but he had been investigating for many years using the internet and then he finally called the missionaries and he is just awesome.  He is from Germany and has such a strong testimony.  He actually bore his testimony at church last week, He wants to be baptized more than anything but can’t because his wife won’t give him approval. Yet!

2. Y Y: She is from China and kind of a new investigator.  She is just really cute and awesome and really learning so much about God and Jesus Christ!

3. Mr. B:  He is from Congo in Africa.  Sister Miesbauer and I found him.  He is really awesome and loves God and Jesus Christ so much and just making amazing progress.

4. Mo: Sister Miesbauer and I also found him.  He is from Egypt.  He is really awesome and is Muslim but has so much interest and believes so much.  He has been taught everything and really the only problem he has is recognizing the faith he has because he thinks he has none.

5. J: Sister Miesbauer and I also found him.  He is from Australia and really awesome.  We are in the process of teaching him more about God and the Plan of Happiness that God has prepared for us.

6: Ka: Sister Miesbauer and I also found him.  He is from Nepal and totally awesome.  He has no time to meet during the week but comes to church every Sunday.   He feels the spirit at church and the peace it brings is such a blessing to him.

Yes, so we are teaching lots of great people here; not a lot of people from Germany, but a lot of these people wouldn’t be able to hear the Gospel unless they were in Germany. 🙂  I love them all so much and I’m so sad to leave them but I’m so excited to meet new people and teach them and the Sisters in Lankwitz will continue teaching these special people.

Okay, so now you know how many people we are teaching here and you can see we

have many to help come closer to Jesus Christ!

Now to the things that happened this week 🙂

1: We were having tacos the other day.  A member made them for the new missionaries and this will tell you how I have so much more eating manners now.  I was eating a taco with a fork and a knife.  Just like I eat everything; with a fork and knife. 🙂 Your little girl is growing up 🙂

2: Well Sister Miesbauer is in America and supposedly it is way cold in the Eastern US and her plane got stopped there and the MTC had not heard from her for about 3 days but she is now in the MTC and loving it! 🙂

3: We were meeting with the Hausch family.  They were baptized in Oct and are from Thailand.  We were there this week for an appointment and Sister Hausch said that they needed to get rid of their Christmas tree.  They live on the 6th floor of a 6-story building.  Her master plan was to shove the Christmas tree out the window. Sooo we did it and it was hilarious.  All of us were laughing so hard and it was just awesome.  They are so cute.  I love this family so much.  We are meeting with them tonight before I go tomorrow.

4: Yesterday at church after I got told I was being transferred I got told we had to teach Sunday School which we were not prepared for.  Then I had to give a short goodbye talk\testimony in Sacrament meeting.  Good thing as a missionary we always have a spiritual thought prepared! 🙂 And our testimony; well that’s just the easiest thing to share with people. 🙂

I don’t have enough time to share the thought I wanted to, so I’ll just share this video 🙂

I love it so much!


I love you all.  Have a great week!

xoxox Sister Ahrenholtz


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