Me? An Aunt? YES!

Walk - don't run!
Walk – don’t run!
Snowing in Marzahn
Snowing in Marzahn

Hello my lovely family and friends!  Can you believe I’m going to be an aunt?  I sure can’t.  You best believe I started crying when I read today’s email. This cute little baby is going to be so cute and spoiled from all the aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas and great-grandmas and great-grandpas! I am so excited. So I actually have a pretty cool story this morning.  As I was doing my personal study I was thinking about how one year ago today was my farewell talk at church and how thankful I am for all those who came.  As I was thinking about it, I was thinking about Devin and Melissa and Lissa.  Just thinking about how great you all are and how thankful I am that you always care. I probably said like 5 gratitude prayers during this study and then I also prayed that I would soon receive an email from Dev and Mel to just hear how they are doing or something.  Then I went on with my study and my morning cleaning and then we get in to do emails and I open it up and the first thing I saw was an email from Devin Woolf and I just started crying, which doesn’t happen often.  Then I read it and got even more excited.  I have never felt so blessed in my life with such an amazing family.  Getting to see Lissa on Skype at Christmas and getting an email from Dev and Mel, letters and emails from Mom, Dad and Hay.  I just want you all to know how much I love you and I feel so lucky to be your sister, daughter, and friend.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

This week has been just indescribably amazing.  So last P-day, after emails, we met up with Liz.  She is so awesome.  She is from California and has been a member for almost a year.  She is really awesome.  So the three of us went to a museum.  We went to the DDR museum [museum of communist Germany] which was quite interesting.  It was cool to see all the things that people used to have and do back in those days.

By the way it is snowing and it is just so beautiful!!!! 🙂 Today there are the most beautiful huge snowflakes.  I love it!!  Anyway, sorry I keep getting distracted.

This week we were able to find a lot of new people to start teaching and to help come closer to Jesus Christ. I will start with this story: We were headed to a member’s house to take him a schoco [chocolate] bar for his birthday and we were about to get off the bus and I see this family from Africa get on the bus.  I turned to Sister Ricks and asked if we should stay on the bus and talk to them.  She said we should just get off.  So we did.  And then we noticed there was one man from Africa that didn’t get on the bus so we got his attention and asked him for directions.  We asked him in German and he replied in English, so that was easy.  Then we were talking to him and said we are here to share a book about Jesus Christ with people.  We asked him if we could bring one in French; that is his native language.  He said ‘yes, tomorrow at this time’ and then we made an appointment and went on our way. Secretly we were freaking out inside because he is awesome.  He is from Cameroon.  Then we met him the next day and it was AMAZING.  Like probably one of the best lessons I have ever had and it totally helped because it was in a bakery so we could grab something to eat afterJ.  After the lesson he said he just wanted to follow Jesus Christ and we said that is why we are here.  Here is your way to Christ.  Then he said that he also really wants to stop smoking but didn’t have anyone to help.  I said ‘doch’ [but] you have Jesus Christ and with Him all things are possible.  And you have us.  And let’s be for real, we will talk to you whenever you need to talk.  It was just an amazing appointment and we all just connected so well and now he just loves us and it is fantastic.  We called him last night to see how he was doing and he said, ”Well when I get to talk to you, my sisters, it makes everything better.”  He is just pretty much awesome.

Then this week we were able to find people from Afghanistan, Romania, Cameroon, Germany, and the Czech Republic.  It was just a week full of miracles and awesomeness.

Can you believe one year ago was my farewell talk? I sure can’t.

Well I am happy, healthy and just loving this dreamland we like to call Germany. The snow is beautiful and just makes every day better.

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week 🙂

xoxo Sister Ahrenholtz



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