It’s a BOY!!

Well, another week is gone with the snap of a finger.  Gone.

First things, first. I am going to be an Auntie to a BOY!!! I am so excited for Devin and Melissa.  Hopefully, he will be born just a couple of days before I get home so I can hold him immediately!!!

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing week and I hope you are all healthy and happy and enjoying the beginning of Spring.  This week I went a whole day without wearing tights.  AND, I went a whole day without having to wear a jacket.  Today we are going to the zoo, so I’m wearing pants and no jacket!! SPRING IS HERE. Yayyy!!

Just in case you didn’t know, Spring is my favorite season because it’s so cool to see things looking totally dead with nothing there, and then all of the sudden seeing leaves and flowers and all that good stuff.

So, what to tell you about the last week…

Last Monday for P-day we had time to go inside a store I was dying to go into and that is where I fell in love.  The store is called Zweite Liebe [Second Love] and that actually works perfectly because it is my second love.  It was so beautiful.  It was a store filled with cute papers and cards and tapes and handmade things.  It made me second-guess my dream of having a flower shop because it would be awesome to have a shop like this instead.  I am still thinking a lot about it.  I bought this cute camera case there. Check it out!

My new camera case.
My new camera case.

Isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever seen? I know, right?  So I fell in love with this store and it pretty much made my whole week.  Here is a picture of the inside of the store.

Zweite Liebe  (Second Love)
Zweite Liebe (Second Love)

It was like a dream.  I was talking to the worker there and said, “You must just always be so happy because you are surrounded by beautiful stuff all day and when you are sad you just get to create something new.”  And she was like, “Yep, pretty much.” (only in German, of course.)  I figured it deserved a spot in my email because I have been thinking about it all week, but my companion won’t let me go back this week because it’s in the middle of nowhere.

This week we were able to meet with lots of fantastic people.  Frau Kampe is doing great and still making great progression and preparing for baptism.  She came to church yesterday. yayyy!!!

Then I met my first American living in Germany that is not a member.  He is from New York, so that was really cool.  We got to teach him the first lesson which is cool because he is from upstate New York where Joseph Smith lived.  The first day we met with him we made a huge connection.  He said he went to high school with Jimmer Fredette the former BYU basketball star.  And Sister Ricks said Jimmer went to college with her. And I said Jimmer got married in my (Denver) temple and his wife is from where I’m from. It was pretty cool. Connections all the way in Germany.

Then we met with our great hilarious Ifeanyi (yeah don’t even try to say his name.  I still can’t).  He had surgery this week and we went to visit him at the hospital.  He is from Nigeria and is so awesome. He is really funny too.  Africans are so nice.  They always walk us to the door even right after they had surgery.  Then this week we had zone training meeting and Elder Taylor (he was in Lankwitz with me) was comparing the

Gospel of Jesus Christ to making a sandwich.  It was quite entertaining.

Then we also met with Declan and his brother, Guy.  They are so funny and religious.  We had a really good lesson then he made us dinner and as we were eating we all couldn’t stop laughing because we Americans were trying to speak an African language. It was really funny.  Then they also walked us to the door…so nice.  Guy, Declan’s brother, kept calling me a German woman.  I tried to tell him I was American and he just started laughing really hard.  I don’t know what that means.

Anyway, I just love Marzahn.  We have some great investigators and great members.  I just love it so much and it is getting beautiful because it is Spring.

Oh by the way, we go running EVERY MORNING for 30 minutes.  Yes, that means even me.   Crazy, right?  And look at where we go running every morning.

Field of Crocus
Field of Crocus

You can’t really see it very well but it is just a bunch of purple crocus flowers.

I gotta go soon, but here is a short spiritual thought:

I love you.

God loves you.

Love this world because it is beautiful.

Be happy because you all are amazing and strong!

Love, Sister Ahrenholtz


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