Go West Young Sister!!

Dear family and friends,

I won’t keep the secret until the end this time…

I get to see you on SKYPE in 6 days but unfortunately you will not be able to meet my lovely Sister Rasmussen and Sister Helzer and my favorite family in Marzahn.

I am being transferred to a city…in the west…Bremen!!! And the best news is that I will go back to being SISTER RICK’S companion. She is the one I was just barely with here in Marzahn for 2 transfers! 🙂 We are both excited. The hardest part is that I will be leaving this beautiful City of Dreams – Marzahn and I will no longer be with Sister Rasmussen and probably won’t be able to see her before I go home.  When we got the transfer call it was definitely bittersweet and I am sure it will also be like that tomorrow at the bahnhof [train station].

I am very excited to see some places other than just Berlin or Dresden. It will be great and I have heard it is fantastic there.  I have also heard that they have an American-style church building, so like the same floor plan as American church buildings, which will be kinda cool to see again.

Anyway, this week was really great.  It was full with service.  We got to serve one of our investigators about 3 times this week because she is trying to deep clean her apartment so when her father comes home from the hospital it won’t be so dirty and unhealthy.

This week the ward here in Marzahn had a stake dance for everyone in the whole stake.  It was a lot of fun.  We didn’t dance and stay all night (mission rules) but we helped set up a little bit and we helped with the food.  It was a lot of fun and the whole ward told us it was a hit, so that is good!  Also, I got to see a few members from Lankwitz because they are in our same stake! 🙂

This week we had tausch [splits] so I was able to be companions with Sister Rasmussen for a day and it was so great the whole day.  We were just on cloud 9. It was fantastic!

Then on Friday we had an appointment with a church member and she made us this delicious African food because she is also obsessed with Africa like I am and it was so delicious!!!!

Yesterday, we had church and I bore my testimony.  Someone Sister Rasmussen and Sister Schrade were teaching was able to be baptized yesterday too.  It was really cool and he was so happy!  We got to be at church for a while because I had to take pictures with all of the great people here!!! 🙂  Then last night it was supposed to be a surprise, (but I figured it out before because we all know how much I hate surprises) we got to have Family Home Evening with the Steuer Family which is one of my favorite families here.  They are so great!

I am just so unbelievably thankful that I was able to serve here in Marzahn.  It helped me be the best I can be.  I also made some life-long friends and learned how I want my family to be in the future.  It’s just great. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Berlin Gate
Berlin Gate


Today I actually wanted to talk about something which I consider one of the largest lessons I have learned on my mission and most especially here in Marzahn and that is…


Hmmm…where to start?

1. God loves us SOOOOO MUCCH that He created this beautiful world to make His children happy.

2. God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to the earth.

3. Jesus loves us so much that He gave His whole life to us.

4. God loves us so he sent us here to live and grow.

Now we are here, but are we loving enough?

Are we showing our love for others in small acts of kindness?

Are we helping all those we love remember how much they mean to us?

Think about these things and think about how you can do better.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.  I may not be the best at showing it but I will be better once I am home.


I hope you can all be better at showing your love because you could change someone’s life.


Have a great week.


Sister Ahrenholtz

Marzahn Companions
Marzahn Companions



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