Happy Mother’s Day!

So glad I got to see and talk to you yesterday!  Happy Mother’s Day again. 

I will recap on the past week because I didn’t really tell you anything on Skype.  Last P-day everyone asked what I wanted to do since it was my last P-day in Berlin.  Of course I wanted to go on a boat ride on the little river in Berlin; and let me tell you it was amazing.  I think everyone else was pretty bored but I loved it!  It was so pretty!  I was just in heaven.  Then I got sent to this cute little town full of anchors and cute sailboats everywhere.  I’m just living a mission of dreams and I love it here in Bremen.  Here is a short lesson in speaking German.  Bremen is pronounced like this: BRAY MIN.

Last P-day we had FHE [Family Home Evening] at the church and we planned to take our picture with the Elders but we can’t send pictures from these computers so you have to wait a few hours then I will send them to you.  Then to close my last night

in Berlin we rode bikes home from the church; just Sister Rasmussen and me in our dirndls and bare feet.  It was amazing.  She is so great and the whole bike ride we were just laughing, crying and reminiscing on the great times we have had together.

It was the weirdest thing ever, being all alone on a train for 3 hours.  I just didn’t know what to do.  Normally people write in their journals but I just slept.  Then I got here and it is so great and beautiful.  Being with Sister Ricks again is just a dream.  She is so great!

We are meeting with some great people.  One who I want to tell you about was baptized a couple months ago.  She is from Romania (#shoutouttojamon).  She is so sweet and just fantastic.

Goodbyes were hard when I left Berlin.  They always are but I’m happy to be here.

Well today I want to share this talk with you.  It is something I read in personal study this week and it is really great and I hope it helps you all with your faith.  Some things I want to share from it specifically:

”fight a good fight,

stand true,

keep the commandments,

overcome the world.”


”for there in ONE God,  and ONE Mediator between  God and Men,  the man, Christ Jesus.”





Righteous,  BOLD,  Bridle your passions,  control your appetites,  and RISE UP.

READ IT at: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1974/10/be-valiant-in-the-fight-of-faith?lang=eng

I love you all so much.  Pictures will come later.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz



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