Bremen week two!

Hello my lovely family and friends,

This week was so amazing:)  Bremen is great and we are seeing so many miracles here and the work is going great! It has been raining quite a bit, but it is okay because I know that means we are going to get some beautiful flowers and plants from this rain!

This past Tuesday we were just walking out the door and a man comes up to us and asked if we speak English and we said we did since we are American.  He asked if we also speak German and we said we are Missionaries, we have to speak German.  Then he asked us to translate for someone he needed to talk to because he couldn’t understand what they were saying and they couldn’t understand him. God prepares people and just puts us in their way.  The man then came to church yesterday and we are meeting with him this week.  That is just one of the many miracles we have seen and we are expecting to see many more.

RICKHOLTZ team power. [That is Sister Ricks and Sister Ahrenholtz working hard together] 

This week we also had Zone Training Meeting and we got to teach a theme!  And we made brownies to win the hearts of all the other Missionaries, of course. #sisterpower

But that wasn’t the point of it. We had so much companionship unity this week, it was unreal.  We were sitting in a meeting and some missionaries were asking for experiences to help teach about the commandments.  Sister Ricks and I both rose our hands and they called on me and we later figured out we were both going to share the same story.  Then we were doing a role play about a commandment and we both turned and said which one do you want to teach and at the same time we said “Keep the Sabbath Day Holy”.  It was just so cool because the whole time we were just thinking about how cool it is that we are together again and that we are able to have so many experiences together.  Plus, we will have the stories from Marzahn and Bremen!

We were able to meet with a really great family this week. They are members of the church.  Their daughter was in America for a summer and she hasn’t been able to practice her English very much so we spoke in English the whole time.  That was fun.  They asked about why we decided to come on missions and all those other great questions, and this week or next week the daughter is going to come out with us for a day and do splits!  We are pretty excited.  Have I ever mentioned HOW HAPPY I AM TO BE A MISSIONARY??

I        L     O      V      E        I     T         S     O        M     U     C     H.

One night this week we were headed home from the church and it was probably 9:26pm and we got to our door and looked for our keys and could not find them anywhere.  Little did we know we left them at the church.  So we had an adventure and went to the bahnhof [train station] in Bremen…in the night and on a weekend.  And the thing about the bahnhof is that it is already really scary in the middle of the day – everyday!  So we were a little scared but it was so funny and made for a good story but we lived and got the keys and we were home before 10:20.  A whole 10 minutes to get ready for bed!

Yesterday, church meetings were really good.  A lot of people talked about missionary work and I was lucky enough to share my testimony since I am new here and it was so great.  I just bore it about my mission and how you can’t go on mission without love and just how everything starts because of love and charity.  God loves us, which is why He made this world for us. It was

cool to be standing up there and to be able to speak like a good German.  I was just thinking about when I bore my testimony my first Sunday in Germany.  I bet it sounded so horrible.

Today I want to talk about the plan that God has made for us. It is a great plan and I know that he prepared it for us because he loves us and wants to see us again someday.

Here is a video that explains it better than me. When you want to know more go to

I am 100 percent sure that we will see great-great grandmas and grandpas and God one day. I hope you all try your best here and follow Jesus Christ so you can be with your family for ETERNITY.

I have a family here on earth.

They are so good to me.

I want to share my life with them through all eternity.

Families can be together forever

through Heavenly Father’s plan.

I always want to be with my own family,

And the Lord has shown me how I can.

The Lord has shown me how I can.


I love you all so very much.

xoxoxo Sister Ahrenholtz

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