Beautiful Bremen

Hello my lovely family and friends!

Just another great week in Bremen!  Man oh man, can I just say this place is blowing up to be a city of success and miracles!  It is just so great here and Sister Ricks and I are just loving every minute!  Last P-day we did some Bremen sight-seeing.  It is a beautiful city but it didn’t take a lot of time.  So then we just walked around and the missionaries from Bremerhaven were also here.  So that was fun!!  Germany is so beautiful.  One day we will do emails at the church where I can upload my pictures and you will be able to see how pretty Bremen is.  

This week we had tausch [splits] and it was real cool.  I was able to go to Hannover.  Remember Sister Fordham?  She was a mini-missionary with me in Lankwitz for a few weeks.  Well, I was able to meet the family she was a nanny for and that was awesome.  They are very sweet and just a very good example to me of how important the gospel is in life.  There is this cutest couple in our ward.  They are probably about 70ish years old and they are the cutest thing ever.  We ate dinner with them and they were telling stories about their lives.  She served a mission and was talking about that.  It was so fun and they are just adorable and he asked how long we wanted to wait after our missions to be married and Sister Ricks said 2 years.  I said like 4 months, and it was probably the best thing I have ever heard but the grandma said, “Sister Ahrenholtz, I can see you having 6 children and just being a great mother.  Talk about winning me over by words.  That made them probably my favorite members here. Ha-ha.

This week the weather has just been so beautiful.  It is really great.  I love it!  Super sunny and summery!!  When we are doing our language study every day we sit in our windows and we put our legs outside and get a nice tan while learning the German language.  The neighbors probably think we are crazy girls sitting in the window in skirts reading books, tanning legs. Missionary life!  I LOVE IT!!

So here’s a good story:  #translatingprobs.  We were at church yesterday and in Sunday school I had to translate for an investigator and the teacher started teaching and made it sound like he was teaching the Plan of Salvation, so I just went off and taught our investigator that.  Little did I know he was only teaching the Restoration but the whole time the investigator thought I was really translating what the teacher was saying.  So then all the sudden everyone else pulls out their Bible to read a scripture, and so did this investigator and I didn’t know what to do because he thought we were both studying the same thing.  So we just read something in the Book for Mormon and I was able to teach him the whole Plan of Salvation and baptism and now he is going to be getting baptized. Ha-ha.  Ok, it really doesn’t sound that funny now, but it was funny at the time because I didn’t know what to do.

Today Sister Ricks and I were talking about how happy we are to be serving in Germany.  Because in Germany:

  1. We have met so many great people from Asia but don’t have to worry about being there and eating the gross food or learning the language.
  2. We have met so many great Africans but don’t have to be there, sweating all day every day or eat fish every day.
  3. We get to meet with really nice Germans because the only Germans that work with us are members, so of course they are nice,
  4. We get to enjoy the great German food and culture 🙂

The best of both worlds.

There is this way cute little Italian girl in our ward and she looks just like Melissa.  I told her that at church yesterday because I was so freaked out.  It is so cool.


H          U          M           I           L          I           T            Y

To be humble is to recognize gratefully your dependence on the Lord—to understand that you have constant need for His support. Humility is an acknowledgment that your talents and abilities are gifts from God. It is not a sign of weakness, timidity, or fear; it is an indication that you know where your true strength lies. You can be both humble and fearless. You can be both humble and courageous. “I can of mine own self do nothing. . . . I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me” (John 5:30)

That is my wish for you all this week.  Be humble in all you do.  It is really important.

I love you all.  Have a great week.




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