Seaside at Bremenhaven
Seaside at Bremenhaven
Dressed for tanzen!
Dressed for tanzen!

Hello everyone! 🙂 can you believe it is June?  I sure can’t.  It is crazy.  We were at an eating appointment yesterday and the members asked how long have we have been on our missions.  Sister Ricks and I both paused to do the math and said, “Uh…14 months” (see my math has gotten even worse, which I didn’t know was possible) then we realized we were wrong.  Nope, a whole 16 months.  Only 2 more months to go. HOLY COW THAT’LL FLY BY.

This week was pretty great.  Seeing that Bremen is smaller than Berlin and Dresden, we have done everything there is to do here.  So now our P-days are more chill and we just do what we want or need to do.   This week for P-day we just decided to walk along the little river here and admire how beautiful Germany is.  It is really pretty:).  Also this week we met with some new people.   We realized this week that we are teaching an African who is the same age as you, mom and dad and another African who is older than Devin (pretty old).  It is really weird that we are meeting with people so old and we are telling them what to do. Ha-ha.  We are teaching them.  I have been doing this my whole mission and just never realized how really weird that is.  It is like teaching Devin something, which is just weird because he is so much more knowledgeable than me………..(Totally Awesome).  Ha-ha.  It is just weird but I think these people are so humble, you must have to be pretty humble to come down and let girls who are 20 years old teach you and tell you what to do. AMAZING.

This week we had the amazing opportunity to meet with many Africans.  Because of that, we didn’t get to meet a whole lot of new people from other countries or Germans. This week was also a holiday “Christ Himmel Fahrt”.  In English: Christ’s Ascension Day.  On this day all the German old men and young men go out and drink all day long.  We had to be home early that night so we had a women’s night and made pizza and watched The Legacy [a church movie].  It was really good.

I am not going to write a whole lot today because I sent like a kajillion pictures and that makes up for my lack of wordsJ

This week I learned

  1. I love Africans
  2. I have an African obsession
  3. Soon Sister Ricks and I will have African dresses
  4. I am going to carry my future children on my back wrapped in fabric like African women do

By the way, these African lady dresses will probably represent my mission more than my dirndl does, but that’s okay because I LOVE THEM BOTH.

Hey family – happy 20 years of being an eternal family tomorrow 🙂 

Here is my quick favorite spiritual thing from the week: 

Alma, Chapter 7, Verse 24:  And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

We all need to be strong in our faith just like I learned this week from our Africans.  We can truly move mountains when we have the faith of a tiny mustard seed. BELIEVE IT. But really, just make sure you: 





Well, I love you all.  Have a great week and remember:



Love, Sister Ahrenholtz




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