World Cup Soccer

Bremen Interview
Bremen Interview

This last week we had a lot going on.  We went to Bremerhaven for P-day last week and that was good.  We went to a klimahaus. (climate house) and I got to feel what it was like to be in Switzerland, Africa!!!, and Antarctica. All these cool (and hot) places.  It was actually really fun!!!

This week we had 2 investigators tell us that they will know God wants them to be in our church when He gives them wives who are members of our church.  Ha-ha.  It was interesting.  I almost got proposed to by an African on the street.  That too was interesting.  It would have been pretty funny I think.  We met with Gilda, a really cute member.  She’s so sweet and from the Philippines.  We had transfers calls this week and….I AM GOING TO BE STAYING WITH SISTER RICKS TILL WE BOTH DIE ON OUR MISSIONS.  She is so great and I’m so happy I get to serve with her till the end…. which is only 6 weeks.

This week we had interviews with President Kosak, and we asked him for permission to go to Berlin for our last P-day and he said we could, so we are going!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  We are both pretty excited about that.

This week the World Cup soccer tournament began and everyone here in Germany just loves it.  So at about 2:00 am every morning we hear a bunch of people outside yelling and showing their excitement about it.  I am not a fan because they keep disturbing my sleep!  Germans, beer, and soccer are not a good mix.

This morning Sister Ricks and I were doing our study for about 5 minutes then all the sudden we had so many fruit flies in our house.  We went on a 20 minute rage of killing them.  Windex works really well, Ha-ha.  Question: Does anyone have any tips of how to catch them and kill them?  I think Sister Ricks is getting grossed out by how I catch them in my hands and kill them.

Well this past week was good.  Nothing too special.  Today we are going to get our African dresses made.  We are pretty excited about that 🙂

Today I want to talk about something called TEMPLES!

I have been thinking and teaching a lot about them this past week.

Salt Lake City Temple
Salt Lake City Temple
St. George Temple
St. George Temple
Denver Temple
Denver Temple

Here in these beautiful buildings we are able to be sealed to our families, not just for this life, but for ETERNITY.  I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to be with my future husband and children and other family members just for this life, “till death do us part”, but for eternity, where time can never separate us.

Think about that, and if that is something you want, I know you all can be with your families for eternity and I want that for you!!!  You deserve it.





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