Back to Reality

slacker award of the month goes to me.
sorry you all haven’t been getting your dose of…chaos
well here it is. Im home in good old Colorado just taking my advantage
of now being able to hold children by being a nanny.
So on July 30th I woke up from the dream I had been living
for the last 18 months and had to take that beautiful nametag off.
now here is my list of things I have learned since being home.

1. Whenever I see missionaries expecially sisters all I want
to do is go steal their nametag and run away. I know I shouldn’t be jealous..but totally am.
2. Its really weird hearing only english ALL the time.
3. I don’t like that everyone can understand me it makes me be more shy.
4. There is no other way I would like to spend my days then at the temple,
or talking to a return missionary about our missions.

okay haha I think thats enough for now.
oh my goodness mexican food is like better then ever.
also holding my nephew he is just the sweetest.
okay so colorado is like perfect weather no humidity..lovin it.

Can I just go off on a quick rant please?
okay good thanks

I LOVE MISSIONS. they are like the best thing in the world.
serving people from all over the world, teaching them about our Heavenly Father.
ahhh nothing makes a girl more prepared to be a wife, mom, woman more then a mission.
nothing more prepares a boy to be a husband, dad, and man more then a mission.
ahh they are so great!!! Seriously like a dream. ahhh
okay done with that! haha
did you know I have like the cutest little sisters ever?
k fine they aren’t my real sisters but I mean we are all brothers and sisters right?
Seriously though came all the way from Utah for my homecoming talk.
BEST SUPRISE EVER. so thankful for them!
by the way im going to start posting more about muh adventures so
keep checkin out the bloggie bloggie
luhhhh yall
xoxox Karly Ruth


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