Dream Worthy

Salt Lake trip was totally Dream Worthy.
Running around the City of Latter Day Saints, Temples, Return Missionaries.
This trip was beyond amazing. I went to be at the Tenneys Homecoming talk.
They are the couple that served in Dresden, Germany as missionaries. They served all of
us Missionaires so much along with so many members. Have I mentioned they are
the sweetest people ever!
I also got to meet up with 3 out of 10 Companions and also the Lovely Sister Rasmussens Family.
Cutest people ever! Got to go to the Salt Lake Temple many times but got to go inside that castle and do a
session with Liz. She is a great friend that I made on my mission as Sister Ricks and I were finding
we talked to her and found out she is a member! Shes now married!!!
Got to see a bunch of my old dresden missionary friends at the Tenneys homecoming that was a dream!
Monday I had some time to spend so I decided to go and take pictures of temples! Man was that Glorious.
Can I just say how much I weirdly love calling Missionies by their first name. SO FUN.
Also finally got to see my sister on this trip which was so good! Now shes coming to colorado today! Yay!
Oh and I got to see Alisha which was the best thing ever. She is jsut the sweetest good thing she was so nice to her students!! I’m sure you can tell from this rant of a post that my trip was amazing but if you dont quite understand it… JUST LOOK AT THESE PICTURES.
XOXO Karly Ruth






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