One great miracle!

Happy birthday Hayley Megan! Thank you for being my best friend and my sister! I hope you have an amazing birthday! See you in 2 days!! Love you!!

One year ago I was on my mission in Germany and it was the Monday right after general conference. I remember getting a email from my best friend and sister Hayley and it said that she was sad she couldn’t watch general conference, this is coming from my in-active sister who hasn’t enjoyed anything churchy at all sense she was 13 years old now being 22 she realized she may have been missing something. This was the start to one of the major miracles of my mission my sister began going to church and strengthening that testimony in our savior Jesus Christ and his atonement that she had deep down in her heart. She is now such a better person back to the Hayley I was twins with growing up! She is my hero she sets such a good example to me of dedication that she was willing to work hard for something important for her. She gave up many hard things and addictions but she is one of the strongest people I know and I know that our Heavenly Father had prepared her and that she may have had to go through some really hard times but today she is stronger then ever! Happy year mark on the never ending road back to your Heavenly Father Hayley!
She is a living example of my favorite scripture
Philippians 4:13
I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Everyone should learn from her example, that it’s time to stop thinking about now and think about where you want to be after this life and in your future how you want to raise your children!



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