Tis the Season..

So this last month or so has been an adventure for sure. Finally jumped out of my comfort zone and acted with Faith I moved to a new city. Provo, UT. Registered for my classes which means yes I’m going to College at UVU in January 2015. First time back in school in 4 years. Yay……. I’m just here full of mixed emotions of happiness, nervousness, and impatience. Being a Return missionary is great but definitely isn’t always perfect or easy. I have been just hanging out with old companions, going to homecomings, having mini reunions all the time. Its pretty fantastic. So today I wanted to talk a little bit about this amazing time of year. I hope wherever you find yourself in this world that you are having more of a christmas season then what Utah is giving us! Today we received the second small snowfall this season. Sometimes I get caught up in this season of not necessarily wanting presents, but wanting snow, hot chocolate, a fireplace (my apartment doesn’t have one), to drive in the mountains and look at snow, to drive around and look at christmas lights, to hear beautiful christmas songs, german lebkucken, and german christmas traditions. Of course being the person I am also wanting this song to come true. All I want for Christmas is You. This year has been one of great tests of patience, faith, dedication, and all those good ol things people really would be okay not going through. However I’m beyond thankful that The Church has made this video that has really helped me a lot through this season so I can really focus on the things that are more important then Eternal Marriage haha. Which we all know there is only one thing more important then that which is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some of those great things that have been helping me this season. I promise sometimes it might be hard trust me I know. But stay strong in Faith stay strong in Trusting in the Lord and the Fathers plan for you and sooner or later (hopefully sooner) it will all work out for you.
Check em out!

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you try to focus on those things that really matter. I hope that you feel Joy and Love during this holiday season. Remember that The Savior Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season. hence CHRISTmas.
Here are also some pictures from the last little journey of my life for you to check out.




Oh and obviously you can see one of my dreams came true! I met President Uchtdorf and got to talk to him in german. It was a dream.
Xoxoxo Karly Ruth


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