Spring has sprung.

As the spring has sprung a little early this year I can’t help but tell you all how much I love spring there are so many reasons that it is my favorite season so here is my list of why. Hopefully you all end up spring lovers after you read this as well!

1. Nothing better then driving with the window down, drinking a dirty Dr Pepper, listening to cherry tulips by headlights.  // you all should listen to that song!

2. I get so giddy when I see trees getting their little buds, when other trees start blooming, grounds turning green, and little flowers start popping up out of the ground. 

Here is my theory: Spring is such a symbolic season it’s the season where plants come to life again. Also when our Savior died and came to life again. Like seriously I think it is no coincidence that those happen at the same time of year. Our God is a good God. He is so amazingly smart.

3.General Conference let’s be for real that is also just the best. That alone can make spring the best. Hearing from the Prophet of God and his apostles to learn and remind ourselves of what matters most. 

4. Everything is just so much better in spring. 

Happy spring everyone!

Xoxo Karly Ruth




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