Love, Love

Lets be for real if you don’t know this about me you should. I love love. More then anything. When I see anything that resembles love I get excited. Which is why I love seeing flowers because to me they resemble the love God has for this beautiful earth and for me because he knows how much I love them. This semester has been killer. The best part of it was my first paper for English we had to write about something we believe in. So naturally I wrote about how I believe in Love. I figured I would share it with you all because it gets across all of my feelings.

Love is everything; love is what keeps us going, what gives us the motivation to act, what drives us day to day, love is joy, and joy is love. Love is what I believe in. I believe that as long as we have love in our lives we can do anything. Love is the strongest power in the world; it is quite honestly everything. We would not do any of the things we do as humans if we didn’t love. Love is everything and without love we are nothing. . “Love is like the Polar Star. In a changing world, it is constant.” (Hinckley.) It will always be there to guide you when all is dark. Let love be that light, that star that keeps you focused and on course.

I’m so thankful that I was able to learn the lesson of love as I was far away from the people and the place I love. Thankfully I was able to spend this time away in a dreamy land far away from home for 18 months. This dreamy land was Germany. While being there I was only allowed to have contact with my family once a week via email. You can imagine that this was at times hard for me because my family is everything to me. However I felt love as my father would write me a letter almost every single day. I felt love as complete strangers would talk to me and listen to what I had to say. I felt love as people twice my age would take advice from me and listen to what I had to share. I felt love from strangers turning into best friends who I know will always be there.

The last couple months or so I have learned this lesson, as I have been struggling with unhappiness, sadness, trials, and hopelessness. However I found it, like a song says “I found love in a hopeless place.” (Rihanna.)I was having a really hard time finding myself, figuring out what I wanted in life, and how I was going to progress and try and be the best I could be. This was an extremely hard time however I figured it out and what it is I figured out was love. I would go day to day hoping that the next day would be better, that I would be able to smile more, that I would be able to feel love that I would be able to have joy and be happy. Once I found what it was I was missing I tried to change the way I was thinking by being a more positive person, by doing service, smiling a lot, trying to be optimistic and having a positive attitude about everything.

These experiences have changed me I have a plan to do them the rest of my life to those I love because we can all say I love you but really showing it is what counts. Actions speak louder than words right? Then do it I promise that it will only make every situation better. I mean when you are upset with someone it can’t get a whole lot worse right? Serve them, and love them it’s only going to make it better. “Love is like the Polar Star. In a changing world, it is constant.” (Hinckley.)  Let love be your Polar Star; let it be your focus in everything, let it be your hope, and let it be your everything.

Welp there it is. If you love love as well, or are in love, or want to be in love. Do it. Best thing ever. If you are on Pinterest follow me, or at least my “oh the love” board. Trust me it will make you love love.  Remember that there are many things in life to love you don’t have to just only think of being in love with someone. You can love nature, pets, people, family of course, music, pictures, and products. Just love it’s easy!

Let’s all learn to love a little easier, love a little deeper, and love a little longer.

PS You’ll should read this amazing talk by President Hinckley.

Check out the Pinterest board I was talking about by searching my name Karly Ahrenholtz, then look for the Board. Or scroll down to my Social Media section and Click on the Pinterest Icon.

XOXO Karly Ruth


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