Where Eternity is the only option. 

I’m Karly. As you know.

I’m a return missionary for a year now.


I’m helping save the world one solar panel at a time.


I’m as single as ever.


I’m a gas waster as if it was free.


I’m striving for Eternal Life.


I’m weak.


So most of these make sense however you all are probably thinking wtheck does being weak have to do with temples…?

I’m weak. So what. If you aren’t then you should be writing this blog post not me.

Being a return missionary is hard. Maybe not for all but for me. People think I’m supposed to be like super friendly and love talking to strangers. I don’t. They expect you to be perfect and always on point with the gospel and having the spirit. Unfortunately that mantle of spirituality left me a year ago.

However even though I’m weak, and impatient. There has always been one thing that sets me on the right path. That gives me hope, happiness, joy, peace, and love.

The Temple.

I’m so thankful for the decisions I have made with my feelings toward temples. I’m so happy I made it a priority right once I got my mission call to prepare to enter this holy place. I’m so thankful I was able to attend the temple a few times on my mission. I’m so thankful that I knew the first thing I wanted to do once I was home was go to the temple.

I have had a habit of going to the temple every week since I got home. I did that and loved every minute of it. Until May. I lost my path. The adversary won the fight. And I kept having excuses. I’m tired, I have to work, I didn’t pray as much as I should have this week does that mean I’m not worthy? and I’m weak.

I’m so thankful for my friends who have gotten married in the temple this last year because I always remember I love temples, I love my friends, I want to serve, and I want to be at their sealing. These thoughts always remind me “KARLY! These bulidings are your favorite places IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. What the heck are you doing? Do whatever you have to do inorder to go inside.”


Give it up for some of my beautiful friends on the day they and their awesome new husbands decided that Eternity is what they wanted to spend together.

I know this whole post is just like a rant and me rambling. Trust me it sounds the same in my head as it does here. I just really want to share how I’m feeling.

I just want you all to know no matter where you are in life, and how weak you are. You can do hard things, you can fight the fight, and you deserve the world.

Please do what it takes to enter this holy house being worthy with a recommend. I promise it will be worth it. It will be the best decision you have ever made.

It might be hard at times but remember the Lord is on your side. And he took upon himself everything you are feeling and struggling with.

Now put your hands together for some unreal pictures of the most beautiful place and my new favorite place to be…




Don’t worry I’m allowed to share these photos they were on a church website.

Stay strong, live life, and don’t settle for less then eternity.

XOXO Karly Ruth


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