“Sister Ahrenholtz,

you are hereby called as a Missionary of

the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

you are assigned to labor in the Germany Berlin Mission. “

As I read, hear, or think about this simple sentence tears suddenly fill my eyes. I’m so extremely thankful for the opportunity I had to spend those glorious 18 Months in Germany. I’m so grateful for the amazing people I was able to serve, the testimony I was able to bear, and the culture I was able to experience.

This day four years ago I read that simple sentence that changed my life forever. I’m so grateful that by the grace of our Heavenly Father I was able to serve a mission for him and the Church that I love more than anything in this world.

As I reflect today about my mission and Germany I wanted to share a few photos from my mission, as well as things that have helped me through the tough times of being completely home sick.


H  E  I  M    W  E  H

Google Maps: Holy cow they  are good. I’m able to go on google maps and look at the street view and see the streets I walked, the sights I saw, the Places I went to church, and be reminded of how green it is there compared to Utah.

Skype: I love skyping people I met in Germany it doesn’t happen as much as I would like it to but life if tough with so many different schedules and time changes.

German Chocoalte: Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find German Chocolate and let me tell you that is what saves me. Pirate O’s in Draper was my life saver. Every time I go up north I try to stop there and stock up.

I’m hoping to make it back to Germany next Fall or Christmas. So fingers crossed. Deutschland über alles. 

PS: So if any of you want a tour guide to Germany I’m your girl.


XOXO Karly Ruth


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