As soon as I got my mission call I knew I wanted to go to the temple as soon as possible because it is something I had looked forward to my whole life. Boy was I right. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so thankful I was able to enter that holy house.

I got my mission call on a Thursday, Friday I set up an appointment to meet with my bishop on Sunday, and Stake President Tuesday to get my Temple Recommend. I was able to go in the temple the next day Wednesday 11.21.12, the day before thanksgiving. My Grandparents and Aunt Mishaun got to town Tuesday Night and they were able to come with my parents and I to the temple. What an amazing experience. There is no joy sweeter then to be hugging your loved ones in the Celestial room of the temple.

The Temple hold a dear place in my heart you can read more about it in one of my previous posts. Where Eternity is the only option. 

It is safe to say. I. LOVE. THE. TEMPLE.

There is no where I would rather be then inside the temple.

I understand many of my friends and family may not know much about temples, If you have any questions or want to hear more about the temple. Call me up and I will talk your ear off.

XOXO Karly Ruth


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